Bed bugs? Ewe! Those @#$#$%*&^ vampire suckers are creations from hell. Hmmm. Is that what the bed bugs think? Or roaches, or ticks, or mice, or deer? Whoa! Wait a minute! Deer? How can I equate deer with those other pests? Why didn’t I include mosquitoes?

These are all manifestations of consciousness. The ewe factor has to do with your judgment of these life forms, which depends on why you created the experience of them in your life and how you dealt with it. For those with and flower gardens involving a considerable investment in time, effort, and treasure, a cute, gentle deer can be the most vile of pests.

The nature of a third dimensional reality, with fourth dimensional overtones, is to provide you with challenges which stimulate your growth. If you lived in the garden of eden, there would be no impetus for you to expand your consciousness, or have experiences that require you to create. And after all, its all about creation. Pure consciousness is boring!

I believe the reason we have each created our reality as such, is to gain experience to be prepared for our rebirth into creators of our own universe! (Notice, I said rebirth not birth) It is the time for you to remember this, because the itself is also a creative being who is moving on in her own creative evolution.

Mother Earth, from a third dimensional perspective, has an ego just like you. She feels the pain of what is going on in her body, and deals with those challenges, just as you have been dealing with your challenges. But Gaia/, Earth’s , does not have this egoic experience, any more than your does. One’s provides for the experiences which are most appropriate for your personal progress, ultimately into creator beings of your own universes.

Mother Earth/Gaia/Sofia is preparing to ascend into a fifth dimensional being of light. So are you. The transformation is well under way. (Duh!) Duality does not exist the same way in the fifth dimension as it does on the 3rd/4th. Your consciousness is love based on the fifth dimension. You resonate with different types of creation. Do you think or feel that a consciousness manifesting as a bed bug can even exist in the higher frequency of the fifth dimension?

As we are experiencing the final challenges of an ascending, transforming Earth, of which we are an integral part, it will become increasingly important for you to take the time to quite and ground yourself. Connect with Gaia/Sofia, the earth’s Higher Self, rather than with the ego of earth. This is essential to an organic ascension to a fifth dimensional consciousness.

Oh! You say you don’t have the time to meditate and ground yourself because you are too busy just dealing with your 3D challenges? Bullshit! You found time to read this didn’t you?