29 September 2011


I am a , I have been working on your for approximately 400 of your years learning my trade from the very beginning, for it is like being an apprentice. When I was created and no, we are not born in the same manner as human beings, it is not through the procreation of two of our kind in the manner that you would imagine i.e. it is not sexual – it is a mind contact.

When it is necessary to bring forth more through awareness or love and you may find it interesting that we do work in love, for we love our animals. Is that surprising to you? We love the plants, we love the boulders, the sky, the air, the water, everything that we work with, barring human beings, which we won't go into because we know you understand the situation there and you two are exceptional and special and that is why I have been instructed to talk to you.

Normally we would not do so, for centuries and much more now it has not been to our benefit, for whenever we have trusted a human being it seems to have turned against us and been to our detriment. But the energies that be, the powers that are working with you, have instructed that we should open ourselves fully to you and talk to you and so we have to. It is not a of whether we trust you or like you or anything of the sort at this stage. Maybe we can grow to in the future, but we have been told what we have to do, and we will do it because we have been told to, for no other reason.

Please understand that, so that sometimes if we may seem to be a little bit stilted, on , a little bit what you would term, off the pleasurable side, then you will know this is why, for doubtless as we talk it will raise memories of old hurts and although these are not to be reflected on to you, they are still there and they come forward and it is something that we have to deal with and at times it will mean that they will come out in our speech, or in our feelings as you can feel us and be aware of us, so please do understand that.

Maybe, hopefully sometime in the future we can become good strong friends and maybe the friendship can really be something special and important for even we know that this is necessary.

But we go back…
I was born approximately 400 of your Earth years ago, brought out by love by the merging of two spirits, of two kindred spirits within our realms wishing to create another being in their likeness who can then continue on the work.

This we can do right until the very end, there is no period barring in the beginning when on may say we are totally immature, but once maturity has been reached at approximately 150-200 of your Earth years, we can find a like minded being of our own kind and we can recreate with them by merging the two sparks, and immediately another spark is born, is created, comes forth.

There is no gestation period. We do not have to wait, it is something that is done truly not even in what you would call love so much, but in a matter of necessity. We do not view these operations, that we do like this as a of release, sexual release, for as such we have no feelings in those areas. You could see us truly as being neuter or as being the genuine creature that has neither , but it still takes two. They are not of dissimilar vibrations.

It is strange to try and explain, but there are variations that would make us not quite exactly the same, not quite twins – in other words there are vibratory differences which in fact bring us into harmonics and allow us to recreate. Whereas, if we were exactly the same this could not be so, so it is similar in many ways to a form of male and female as per yourselves but as I have said, I will repeat many times – we do not do sex for sex's sake, we do not have sex in any form. We do not have the equipment to copulate contrary to many of the stories that have been put around..

You see us as you know, as you wish to see us and many people who have seen us have indeed frequently been torn between worlds, often in a form of stress induced by drink or drugs or something similar and in doing so they have drawn in their own imagination of animalistic copulation which is not part of our system. It is not how we work. We create by merging our two selves and then pulling apart and there is a small beam of a third being which is in your terms like a child. In ours it is fully formed, it is totally capable of looking after itself, because it does not need to be fed or clothed, but it has a job to learn.

It is put into the nursery as we know that you have heard about before. The nursery being similar to the corn fields, the grasses, the huge masses of heath and bushes whwere the smaller spirits can learn their job as they grow.

My job these days is very similar to, shall we say being within the mid range, within the medium to smaller trees and we do go well beyond, although you would believe that a mighty tree is the limit of our work. This is far from the truth, this only comes in at around about the halfway term of our lives, after that the job is to work with the Earth Mother herself and to bring about the Earth Changes that are always taking place.

To try and explain this more simply – just imagine those who work with you, they have a more larger, more encompassing job to do that you do. It is as simple as that. You have a fairly fixed agenda within your earthly life. They, apart from working with you, will work with many other and do many other things, some of which you know and many of which you do not know and it is the same for us.

We would like to expand this later, but at the moment we feel as you do that possibly enough has been said today and maybe we can continue on the next time we will contact each other and further bring forth the information that you need.

Thank you

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