13 September 2011

: El

Ja-Shahn, is it okay, with sincere love, and respect, and humility, that we have this discussion now?

Ja-Shahn: "Yes, dear one, I would like that very much. Please, ask your questions, you are most welcome to do so."

Ja-Shahn, I have noticed, both in the physical and the spiritual, there seem to be a lot of entities trying to keep us in the lower vibrations, why would they want to do this, and how can we best avoid them, and move onto Higher ?

Ja-Shahn: "Yes, dear one, there are such vibrations, that exist. It is important, if I may humbly state, that focus, on intent, and purity in thought, and its relationship to action, be the prime focus. Relate, thought, to , for in a state of Love, thought, and , would be the same."

Do you know who these beings are? Are they human, extra-terrestrial, or otherwise?

Ja-Shahn: "I would, humbly, take great care, in examining this aspect, as, perspective creates reality, and reality is a reflection of your Highest Thought, the vibration which you enter, will express, and become, what you pull and attract. It is, my humbly expression, to focus on having all attract and pull, based on the vibration in which thought patterns are the pure structure of form."

I feel very positive, in what your saying is Truth, my feelings, however, run along the lines of not understanding why we would be bombarded this way, and what, exactly, would be the ultimate cure for such a bombardment?

Ja-Shahn: "These questions, rely on a , which does not serve you in this moment. A , of separation, related to cause. We would, humbly suggest, that you leave this behind, and understand, accordingly, that all beings are worthy of Love and Forgiveness, even, and if, they choose otherwise. Inside your , Love all those who you view as lower or negative, and with that Love, you will transform the experience. Through transformation of thought, purely expressed in Love, the experience of the outer illusion of separation will change."

What would your advice be if we run across one of these beings, in physical, spiritual, mental, or otherwise?

Ja-Shahn: "My suggestion, is the same suggestion, that we ourselves use, when coming into contact with any being, which is outside our range of frequency, to take an objective distance, and a pattern of contemplative, humble, , what is the cause, or affect, of participating, in this experience. Based on, Universal Love, and the Universal Ethics related to and Galactic communion, we examine, all those we encounter, in the light of this. My suggestion is, if you should encounter, any experience, which does not express, Universal Love, you simply redirect your Self, your Selves, The Self, back to the Source, and from that space, stay. There is no reason, no necessity, for any being to be an outside necessity, for another. All are capable, able, and potentially viable, in every manner and capacity, to merge with the Source, and find the answers they seek, would, and if, their Higher Self, was in a path to do so. Our expression, and our communication, is not one of Master/Student, but of friend and friend. United under one causation. Following equal paths, to the same . And so, it is communion, not control, loving, not fearing, and connected, not bound or based, on need."

I love you so much, my dear friend, thank you for once again healing my heart, I feel like I am going to cry again.

Ja-Shahn: "I love you too, El Anora, and this is the Love all are welcome to participate in, all are special, Loved, beautiful, and wonderful, and it is in this expression of Love, that we are moving, and embracing.

Would you like to continue?"

You know my fear, Ja-Shahn, that I will somehow fall prey to the tactics of the past, and fall back into illusion…and…it scares me…

Ja-Shahn: "Do not fear, El Anora, for there is no fear, we have taken into account, that you would contain, and express, some illusions, and that is okay, allow yourself to be you, for you are beautiful just as you are, but do not fear, nor emerge yourself, in a place, where fear is a reality, for you are beautiful, and wonderful, in the recognition of yourself, and through letting go, and healing, and admitting, the Truths of your heart, eventually, and in progress, these illusions will vanish. Just allow, they will go."

Thank you Ja-Shahn.

Ja-Shahn: "Would you like to continue?"

I think that is all I wished to ask today.

Ja-Shahn: "I enjoy, appreciate, in humbleness and gratitude, not only to all those of the galaxy who have given us this space, to provide love in this manner, but in appreciation, and love, for being open to this communication, for all those, who will grow and be healed, through your transparency, for know, that even if others are silent, that does not mean they do not hear, silence is beautiful, it is part of Love."

Thank you Ja-Shahn.

Ja-Shahn: "I am gracious, to be here, attending."