29 August 2011 


We are now diving deeper into our true and authentic and so much time may have been spent focussing on what needs healing or clearing within us this can be overwhelming at times as we may forget who we really are, who our true are and our positive aspects. We may have forgotten who we really are at a core level. Look around you and see and remember what you have achieved in your life, the beautiful things you may have created for or others. Remember how creative you are this creativity will start to blossom and return in new ways. Being in nature is paramount for many of us now, even if it’s only the back garden or local park, we can be our true in nature she nurtures, cleanses and revitalises us, giving us a sense of peace and awe at her beauty as she also grows and changes through her seasons, we learn to ebb and flow with these changes too.

Mother earth is reminding us to connect to our strengths our gifts, that which brings us satisfaction and , engaging in these activities brings us back into our element back to our true selves and a state of . With so many changes in our outside world it is important to find time to reconnect to that which brings you joy and a sense of whether it is alone or with your children or with another. Connect to the child within , have fun, be creative put some music on and really let yourself go, find a way to free flow connecting to the natural flow of life . Walk around with a permanent grin on your face and see how many new friends you make , when was the last time you laughed so much you cried , find a funny film something that makes you laugh. Really let yourself go be the wild crazy person you have always wanted to be what’s holding you back? the time is now, what are you waiting for live in the , the of self and fill all your now moments with all that makes you happy !