An important step in becoming a conscious creator is exploring alternate realities to discover the path most aligned with your heart. In your , numerous alternative potential realities exist side by side. As you explore these various realities in consciousness (via imagination and observation) you are able to choose a in which you wish to focus your earthly presence at a point in the . In , this process might be likened to scouting for a new structure that will become your home.

As you explore alternate futures, you set down footprints or energetic markers that allow you to return to these realities if you choose to do so. Once you have chosen a potential reality, you can set about creating the circumstances that will lead you to eventually reside in that reality.

Energizing Future Realities in Consciousness

It is much easier to create at the level than to create from a purely physical perspective. Within the present , you can change how you respond to the circumstances you are currently experiencing, but you can't change those circumstances. You can choose a new reality at the level and begin making moment to moment decisions aligned with your intentions.

When you take steps at the , you encounter very little if any external resistance. This is because the realities you create fly under the radar of physical reality. This allows you to cultivate and nurture your creations without interference or distraction. By the time your is ready to manifest in physical reality, this new has already taken on a life of its own and is far less vulnerable to the whims of the world.

Specialized Navigation and Bridging Techniques

In many respects, the new time – the Fifth-Dimension and beyond – is now more accessible than ever before. New realities steeped in love, gratitude, compassion and inner peace exist side by side with realities still spinning out replicas of old realities of conflict, struggle, scarcity, separation and unlove.

Access points to higher dimensions exist from any in consciousness. Even those high-vibrational realities that exist at a distance from the present moment can be accessed though specialized navigation and bridging techniques that allow us to shift our focus from our present in consciousness to a potential yet more remote future reality. Using bridging techniques such as energetic footprints and remote outposts allows us to navigate distances without becoming lost in the middle of a quantum transition.

Energetic Footprints and Remote Outposts in Consciousness

Creating your future from the energy level allows you to set down a marker or outpost inside a future space. When you set down an energetic footprint, part of your consciousness begins to exist there. More long-term shifts in focus are engineered by setting up intermediate outposts in consciousness and moving your point of focus slowly to these outposts, progressively increasing alignment with your desired distant reality.

Intermediate outposts serve as steppingstones guiding you to the future you have chosen. This is along the lines of setting down a breadcrumb trail for your future self. The number of outposts required depends on the span of time and energy between your present location in consciousness and the location of your desired reality. This is how you create the circumstances for different future aspects of yourself to collaborate over time to create a new future reality. These different aspects of your consciousness operate day by day, moment by moment to bridge your present consciousness into new and ever more expansive realities.

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