Because are pathways into other dimensions and realities, they exist in as energetic fields. These energetic fields can help us heal, create works of art, shift our to a new or identity, connect with others in , perceive other locations in time and space and much more.


There are to view, access and experience portals. By raising our vibration to access spiritual vision, we can begin to perceive the many portals that exist in consciousness. Though we may be able to perceive many portals, our , thoughts, vibrations, beliefs and attitudes determine the portals we're able to access within a given


More specifically, the portals we access moment to moment vary according to shifts in our . One way we can think of our overall vibration is in terms of the known as the chakras. Each chakra vibrates as an within the realm and purpose of that particular chakra. The chakra that is dominant in your experience – where your focus is most strongly placed, in other words – determines your point of access to realities beyond the physical. If one is primarily operating from the root chakra, their access point will be from the root chakra or survival level. Our experience of life is determined by the portals we are able to access. If we're focused at the survival level, for example, we will access the part of that is a vibrational match to survival-based realities. We will draw people and situations that are ruled by the themes of survival.


Shifting to New Portals of Possibility


You may ask how one is able to step beyond the portals with which they are currently in resonance. Through intention, we can shift our thoughts and focus toward energetic fields beyond our current realm of experience. Using inner vision, we can begin to perceive portals with which we are not yet in resonance. If we choose a portal we’re not yet able to access, we can begin to entrain our focus and vibration to this new location in consciousness in order to create the energetic resonance needed to access it. Anything we are able to perceive is already an energetic potential that can be “tuned in” to our present-moment through intention, attention and action.


In the early stages of this process, we may choose to simply observe our field of potentials. We can imagine our potentials as energetic fields we bring our attention to day after day, just observing and inviting them to take shape on the big screen of our imagination. At first we might receive an image, an idea, a concept, or a feeling state. With time and focus we may experience lightning bolts of conscious connections, downloads, entire movies of potential story lines and reality threads rocketing through our consciousness.


One of the most empowering steps we can take is to gain awareness of our field of possibilities (even those potentials that are not yet probabilities) and consciously choose our path in life. All that’s required to create quantum shifts is a willingness to do what it takes to shift our focus and vibration to the realities we wish to experience.


As access points into new timelines of reality, portals are a tool that allows us to shift our focus to the realities we wish to experience. Since any reality we might envision is already in existence, we can enhance our experience of it by shifting our focus to it. One way to think of this is that we are accessing and energizing energetic portals that serve as doorways into the energetic fields where our preferred realities exist.


Excerpt from Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta