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— chinese source

According to my Chinese source Elenin does not have a 300,000 force field. He stresses that Elenin is of no concern but that the accompanying it are… and that those have now gone 'stealth'.

He also claims Elenin is getting dimmer due to "something else"… and that the military are concerned with something coming later. There is no way to verify this info or that this source is legitimate.

August 30, 2011


…."No time … and actually, a bit of an oxymoron:

How can an artificial object — demonstrably NOT an "ordinary comet" now — physically "disintegrate?"

We have NO actual images of this "disintegration," only Internet claims — endlessly repeated (of ) ….

Those claims, in fact, are based on ONE "iffy" observation the last couple days, by a SINGLE ground-based, Australian amateur astronomer — trying to view Elenin "one last time" before it gets too close to … as seen from the Southern Hemisphere.

The statement is based on his perception that "Elenin seems to have dimmed."

Basing his claims re "disintegration" on the fact that ORDINARY comets dim when they disintegrate, he (logically) ASSUMES that this is what is going on with THIS "comet!"

Of course, in the artificial scenario, such dimming (if it is real … a BIG unknown) could have MANY other causes — not the least of which, Elenin's ARTIFICIAL release of internal atmosphere, designed to initially capture astronomers' attention beyond the orbit of Jupiter, has now served its purpose–

And, the "next Phase" of its Mission (in our model) is about to begin … as it approaches its September 11th Closest Approach to the Sun.

And, the key September 26th CONJUNCTION, just a couple weeks later ….

Based on the NUMBERS I cited last night, I expect "surprises" in the days ahead ….

Stay tuned. :)"


Note: I am currently checking with other sources on this as well. More soon…–Kerry