FOR DOWSING 6 July 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked to give my first presentation on EFT at my NorCal Dowsing Club. So I decided to give it on Dowsing. This was also my first speech before 25 people. Even though I knew almost all of them I was nervous tap, tap, tap. I did ok until I lost my paper and train of thought. I had an extra large chart of a person with all the tapping points after going over the points for the group I calmed down and started my presentation.

By tapping on median points of the to release the negative emotions that holds us back from dowsing up to our true potential, is easy and can be fun. here has the power and knowledge inside their body to be a great dowser. To tap into the universal truth for information and knowledge is working with and as dowsers we all have the ability to tap or connect to any in the universe. Concentration on that vibration or and asking the right questions, we will receive the information through what ever device we choice to use. Be it a pendulum, L-rods, muscle tension, wands, intuition, Auto-hand writing, channeling, cards, etc.


Now next I would like us all to do a little breathing exercise to get everyone focused and on the same vibration. We are going to take a few slow complete breaths in a special manner. I want you to use that wonderful imagination of yours and as you breathe in through your mouth I want you to see a straight tube from your mouth all the way to your belly button. As you breathe in fill your with air and energy. Now slowly let the air out through your nose.

I have written a few negative beliefs that maybe a few of you may have. All of us have been told many different things that can have a negative impact on our dowsing abilities. Lets all tap on the ones I have here and then afterwards we’ll talk more on how negative beliefs are formed and how EFT can help all of us in many different area of our lives. Before we start tapping, let’s do an Intensity Scale on Dowsing. I want all of us to say out loud “I’M A GREAT DOWSER” and as soon as you say this I want you to say out loud the first number that comes to you between 0 and 10. Zero being the best and 10 being the Worst. Ok lets all say the statement I’M A GREAT DOWSER. How many people got a number? Good, do we need to do it again?

One thing more before the meeting I asked our Master Dowser, Carl Bracy, to take a energy reading on the complete group as we made the statement and again Carl will take another reading after our tapping/( 40% energy in the room after this first statement)

Ok lets do some tapping, We’ll start with the Karate chop and you can use either hand or both hands there isn’t any wrong way as long as you tap on the meridian points I’m going to say the phrase first and you repeat it aloud after me .Before the meeting started I had asked for a volunteer to do tapping with me to help her improve her dowsing skills.

Ok everyone follow along and repeat the phrase after me and tap alone with us.Starting with the Karate Chop.

Karate Chop

Even though dowsing is against my personal and spiritual beliefs, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Even though this won’t work because nothing ever works for me I deeply and completely accept myself anyway

Even though I’m afraid everyone will make fun of me if I fail I deeply and completely accept myself anyway

EB. What if I get the wrong answer?

SE. What if I feel rejected by everyone?

UE. What if I get embarrassed in front of all these people?

UN. People might think I’m a witch.

Chin, What if everyone is looking at me?

CB. What if some finds out at work or my church?

UA. What if I’m one of the 10% who can’t do this?

TH. My mind doesn’t think this is possible.

Now take a big slow breath and let it out slowly. Good if you find yourself yawning after the breathing exercise this can mean that you are already releasing some negative emotions.

Now for some Positive Statements

Karate Chop

Even though I choose to let go of my fear of failure and just have fun with this, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Even though I don’t understand everything about dowsing I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Even though I’m not a professional dowser I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

EB. I surrender my limiting beliefs and fears to the universe.

SE. Even if I don’t do it right, I’m still a good person.

UE. Maybe I can be a good dowser anyway.

UN. I chose to think positive about this.

Chin. I choose to have fun with dowsing.

CB. I know I can be a great dowser

UA, I choose to be a great dowser.

TH. I choose to believe in myself and the universe.

Once again lets take a big breath in and slowly exhale and check our intensity scale again from 0 to 10 . How many people lowered their scales and by how much?

Lets tap for the remaining intensity

Karate Chop.

Even though I still have some resistance to the statement that I’m a great Dowser I deeply and completely accept myself anyway

Even though I may have some negative beliefs that are holding me back from being a great Dowser I deeply and completely accept all of my feelings as my own.

Even though I don’t understand what my resistance is I deeply and completely accept myself anyway

EB. My remaining resistance

SE. My remaining resistance

UE. My remaining resistance to dowsing

UN. My remaining resistance

CN. My remaining resistance to dowsing

CB. My remaining resistance

UA. Maybe I can find a way to release the remaining resistance to dowsing

TH. Maybe through practice and tapping I can be a Great Dowser.

Take a big breath and slowly release it

Now once again I’m going to ask Carl Bracy to measure our statement for the group.

All together I’M A GREAT DOWSER

Carl and a couple others took another reading of the club and the energy had increased to 90% positive for the statement.

As a dowser I have found out any time we ask the universe for help to increase our energy or our talents or to heal us, we must thank the universe for its help so we don’t leave a vacuum and to show our gratitude. We did some other work but we had some fun, helped some people and the club now has much new thoughts and energy to work with.

Hope this helps others to see what can be done outside of the EFT field

Your Friend, Barney Turner