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Monday, 19 September, 2011

As we approach the Equinox, not only do the days and nights become closer to being in balance, one the same as the other, but as a global human collective there is also a striving for balance as well. You will see this in your personal experience as you attempt to create connection between your inner world and the external one, or as you attempt to reconcile any two seemingly disparate elements of your life. You will see this in community, as groups strive to create harmony (and often at the expense of actual forward movement). It is much the same in nature. The earthquake activity around the globe – , , Aleutian Islands – is but Gaia's attempt at releasing energies needed in order to achieve a certain element of balance.

But why become balanced at all? What is the impetus? And when achieved, can balance be maintained. Should it be maintained? How?

Your questions ring loudly!

The impetus to balance is in part to match the energies of nature. We all feel energies around us, regardless of ability in discerning or naming these energies or feelings. We all are affected by what surrounds us in nature. So when such a strong daily influence as the sun's path is creating a certain dynamic, the natural desire of all beings is to be in harmony with that dynamic. We want to be in tune with our environment. It feels better that way, things flow more easily, and we feel less pain and more pleasure.

Another reason for wanting to be in balance is that balancing acts as a rest to the body, mind and spirit. Part of human-nature design was to allow such a focal point to be almost impossible to ignore on a regular basis. Therefore, part of the beauty of the sun's inexorable march across the heavens is to create a field of balance twice yearly that all beings can then respond to accordingly. Animals know what to do instinctively. Your cat, for instance, has likely been shedding for a few weeks as part of her preparations and internal resetting. Plants also respond to changes in sunlight. Every part of the natural world has its own response to this time of resetting, of balancing, of juxtaposition between the internal and the external.

Think of balance, however, as a momentary point in time. A pendulum swings one way, now the other, and crosses the centerline only for a brief moment before continuing on again. It is much the same with movements of the sun, and therefore also with the Equinox. Our moment of balance is just that – a moment. Once the sun continues its arc across the sky toward the next Solstice, the moment of balance is gone. Ephemeral. But the moment of balance is powerful nonetheless. Expecting it to solve all our ills and create long-term change is likely unproductive, but we can use this Equinox moment of balance as a fulcrum to propel us in the direction that we choose and to reset our awareness into the moment.

Use this time, then, to consider where you have been and where you wish to go. Are there things that you wish to release? Have you done the necessary work in order to make that so? Make your preparations now and set intentions for your future. Use this time to create strong imagery that you can take with you on toward the Solstice. What shifts will you create with this fulcrum? Where do you wish your personal pendulum to swing toward next? Be specific and creative. Do not forget to ask for what you truly desire. Check in with your heart and ask it what it wants.


Sit quietly a moment, allowing your body to relax. Close your eyes. Breathe fully, deeply, mindfully. Now breathe down into your heart, and feel it fill with warmth, with the life you breathe into it. Feel your hear here for a moment, resting, beating, warm and safe. When you are ready, ask it two questions: "What one thing can I let go of now? What one thing do I most desire to create next?" Then sit and await your answers. They may come as words, as thoughts, as images, or as feelings. Whatever you receive, write these answers down on a piece of paper. On the Equinox, create a small ritual for yourself and spend some time with your paper, with what you are releasing and what you are creating.

Celebrate your Equinox with a meal that symbolizes the time yet to come: harvest foods in the Northern Hemisphere and spring green shoots from the upcoming growing season in the Southern Hemisphere. Honor the sun's path in your part of the world, and connect with your ancestral memories with this meal and that you bring to it. If you can, share this with others in community, perhaps creating a ritual that can continue on into the future and strengthen your ties to humanity and to the planet.

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