23 September 2011

: Tara


~**~ Never before, dear friends, has it been so important than Now to watch our thoughts and to think before we act upon them. As most of you know, our thoughts are powerful and can create. With the integration of the highest spiritual energies now descended onto , choose your words, thoughts, actions wisely and with regard for the affect it can have on others. If one is still within, this may cause actions that one may regret later, so it makes sense to think and consider the consequences first.

~**~ Thoughts create feelings, so to create a peaceful haven for yourself within, choose phrases that make you feel good about your life and yourself. That alone can change your personal situation by sending out positive vibrations and opening the door to solutions to life's problems or personal suffering. You can either create a life of harmony or a life of turmoil, solely through your thoughts.

~**~ Make the decision today to take charge of your life and increase your inner-power through changing your thoughts. It really is that easy ! Your life will change to a positive one and you feel more in control and contented. Make a determined effort to choose a positive frame of mind and attitude in whatever life presents you. Your behaviour and actions become more conducive to your spiritual nature, which is of Love and Peace. ~**~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o O o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Love ~ Peace