1 September 2011

Channeler: Míria Gonzalez

Dearest Ones, I love you. That is the first thing I would like to say, I love you so dearly, sweetly, innocently, like the caress of a gentle lamb, touching the sweetness of your skin. And coolness, and warmth, sensation of perfect beingness, and the most deep understanding of care.

Love one another, and be gentle with one another, and kind to one another, for we are all family, in the Light of Source, and we are all blessed, in the Light of Truth.

I come to you with healing, and with kindness, and sincerity, and to paint of picture of beauty.

3In the deep rivers of our world, were the organic life swims so deeply in the reflection pond underneath the most rainbow filled tree, the of all creations baths in the gentleness of our Suns, and the beauty, at night, of our moons. And you can bath in this beautiful pond, and it will touch your very soul, and heal you to the depths of your very being.

This beautiful pond, these places, which are the great healing natural sources of life, everywhere upon our planet, this perfect warmth, this pure organic spirit, that from which all life springs, I give to you, and soon, you too will be able to bath in this perfect, honey sweet, life.

For on our ships, our galactic travel entry-ways, we have these beautiful pools, and at certain times, we take our children, whom incarnated upon this planet, and we allow them to bath deeply in these pools, surrounded by the life, and animal culture that surrounds our planet.

Our animals are all very talkative, you will see, they are wise, and we understand them to be such, one who I call Imokata, he is my best friend, whom I have kept with me for a long time, and we speak on the many mysteries of life, and he tells me of his travels, and I tell him of mine, and we are greatful that we are different, for we are very blessed to see the life that springs forth from the source.

We all spring from this gentle, nourishing source, even you, my dearest children and friends, come from this source, for even though we exist on different planets, we all our made up of the same beautiful life force that is our greatest, and most loving expression.

I am in anticipation of when you will be able to see our world, and come and sit with me and all the ones who live and walk with me. We would very much like to take you hear, for a vacation for some, and for a life-long retreat for others. We welcome you, and are very excited for the time when we get to participate in your experience, and so you too can participate in ours.

There is so much to explore, and so many worlds for you to come to, not just in the world you call Spiritual, but in your physical bodies themselves. And we are happy to provide you with this new exploration, and are very blessed to be part of this new and developing process.

When you pick a fruit from your trees, think deeply on the life within each thing, and the wonderfulness of how those fruits are created, and how seeds are birthed forth from the wonderful Trees and their gentle shade, and the calming breeze, think on these beautiful things, stay in this happy place.

Think of the wonder of children and birth, of how your animals love and nourish your spirit, about the beautiful of the stars and the Sun, about the moments you have to cherish one another, those few moments, when you really hold each other, and cherish one another's beauty. And at night, with your loved one, feel the tenderness of this union, and the purity of this love, and know, and come to be welcomed into the idea that this warmth, love, and unity, is part of all life.

I am so happy to be able to communicate with you now, and I love you all very deeply, and I and all the Pleiadians, are here for you now, and always.

Miria's (well, she likes to call herself that, but she likes to call herself a lot of things, I just call her beautiful one, she was always a creative child, and she still is) Pleiadian Mother,