1 September 2011

: Míria Gonzalez

Dearest One, I love you so much, do not fear, for the world has its own social culture, and you are beyond culture, for culture dictates reaction based on experience, and in the light of pure experience, there is no re-action, only action. To be, and express, who you are, is never wrong. It is never negative. If your heart is guiding you to act upon a feeling, then that feeling is pure.

Do not let the world, who in the own rational meaning, much of them being adults, , who have throughout this time, looked to their past understandings as a means to dictate to others what should and should not be.

There are no rules in Love. There is no judgement. Any loving being, who truly Loves and cares about you, will always, until the end of time, love and accept you for who you are, I love and accept you for who you are.

Let them sort out their own feelings, for they have a right to do that, we are all at different places in our and our of being, neither one is greater than another, and sometimes message are not ready to be heard, but understand that they are heard.

People may react to them violently now, but in years to come they might treasure them. Remember, nothing is in vain, nothing done in the pureness of caring, is wrong. We may not always say the right thing, and it may not always be carried out in the right way, but if it is a loving, kind, and pure expression of who you are at this moment, it is beautiful.

Let go, and let Goddess, let go, and let others express their . It is okay if your is not their . does not have to be the same. We do not all have to be the same.

Life is beautiful because there are so many colors, that is True respect. On our Planet, people are valued for the insights, and everyone is unique, and everyone has a right to be heard, and so because there is no lack of respect, we respect all, and value, each and every persons input, because we realize, that through this process, we grow as a whole. This is evolution.

I love you, and I love all those who are present, and I value every experience. Remember, my dearest soul, you are here for a reason.

Your Mother,