31 August 2011

Channeler: Míria Gonzalez

Dearest Ones, my breath, my life, I am the of the , and I hold you so gently in my loving arms at this moment, and in this space of perfect peace, in this time of chaos, and of turbulence, as I shift upon my axis, and begin to spin at a rotation greater than you have ever imagined.

I love you so deeply, with a caring that goes beyond anything that was before, for you are connected with my crystal center, at a level that has only occurred once before in the time of Atlantis, and in the times before that.

Words are limiting, because only some things in life can be felt, and in that feeling, of perfect love and perfect trust, this is the message I bring to you.

Because you are my children, all of you are my children, you know this when you rest on the ground, or feel the warmth of the sand, or swim deeply in the currents of my oceans, when you feel the love of an animal or are guided by the sounds of the birds, for I speak to you in all ways and at all times.

Please do not fear, for there are depths of fear in your so deep, so rooted in the very depths of your subconscious mind, that even you cannot see this, but I ask you, with love and an open , to see what I see.

For while you rise, I see the animals of the world locked in cages, beaten, and hurt, crying out to me, Mother, please release me from my slavery! And in the depths of the rainforest, I hear the cries of my people, the great shamans saying, Mother, we can take no more! This is my home!

And in other lands, I can feel the Native Ones, rising up from the depths of their silence, saying, "We will take no more". And in the streets of foreign lands, I can feel the sadness of the children crying out in hunger.

Please do not become so spiritually good, that you forget the hearts for which you have come to care for you, for the world needs you now more than ever, to feed them, cloth them, and to bring the light to them.

Find the way, please, whatever your skills may be, find a way to heal my children, in whatever way you can, in whatever manner you can, this is what I have called you to do, this is your life purpose, this is who you are.

Perhaps you need rest, perhaps you are tired, and if you are weary, and if you are weak, know that I am here to heal you, and know that I love you, for you were birth forth from me, and unto me you shall return, always unto the ages.

Love is but a word, but the feeling of kindness, of true caring for all, is beyond words, it is something you feel in your heart, a pang, that reaches out to everyone and everything, one who feels empathy for all.

You do not have to stand up and fight, but you are called into action. Action in the sense of change, and in the sense that it is time for you to truly manifest the world you desire.

But as I have done before, and always until the end of time, you will not be forced to do these things, for all is a , and in your , so shall be your reality.

If you choose to find enlightenment in my destruction, then so be it, and if you choose to find peace, while all those around you are suffering, that is your choice, but you can do more, you can heal, you can give, you can cure. You, you, you, not them, them, them.

For I tell you this: Those whom you serve shall not save you, they shall not wisk you away from your own fate, and they shall not bring about salvation, if you yourself do nothing to stop destruction.

For as it not been said, that the only thing that allows evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing? And even in choosing nothing, you have made a choice.

I leave you to these thoughts. My dearest children, my most wonderful lights, my soul.