15 September 2011


This is a time of preparation for soul awakening. 2010 has been a time of bringing you into the presence of healed duality, bringing together the pairs of opposites. 2011 will be called a Year of the of Truth and Integration.

In the Overview of the Year, we have talked about the three quadrants (four-month segments) of the year. This channeling will be about the final four months of the year specifically.

Dearly beloved, Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and we are most joyful to be in your divine presence!

You are in a time when all life on your planet is being raised to a higher vibration and frequency, so that you move out of cause and effect, out of a survival level of consciousness.

You have only known friction with the life force at your present state of evolution. You are now beginning to move into an awareness of your impact on creation, based on your resonance. Whatever you resonate with, you will create and manifest in clearer ways than ever.

As you move into the last four months of 2011, you move into a time where you begin to resonant causation in a clearer way. This will be a time when the lower will (3rd chakra or center in the solar plexus) will be transformed in a bigger way by the higher will of the soul (5th chakra or center in the throat).

This transformation will prepare you to move into a beginning awareness of the Divine Plan for your planet. This will also encourage a deeper connection of soul groups of people.

As you move into the higher will, you will let go of more of the force of desire (focus on the outer world) into an awareness of meaning, value and purpose (birthed from an inner connection to your soul essence in a conscious way). As you move into the 5th chakra influence, you will raise the vibration of the physical body in a greater way.

It will impact your awareness of your truer personal power, rather than the disempowerment of an outer focus as the source of your fulfillment. To project the source of your fulfillment onto objects, situations and circumstances keeps you in fear.

You will now begin releasing this reference in a greater way. You will see the illusion of this focus in a greater way as you develop a connection to the sixth sensory apparatus. This will help you become aware that you are much more than the 3rd dimension and the physical.

You will become more aware of your multi-dimensionality, as you awaken the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, all guided by the developing sense of soul intuition. As you move into this experience, you will just get to the tip of the iceberg of the first four of 12 archetypes of the Divine Mind of God.

This will open you to a much deeper sense of , Revelation, and Experience of your higher selves, your souls. This will create a great amount of transmutation… taking an old form and inspiring it into a new form and experience of reality.

These four archetypes of the Godmind relate to the creative force that flows through your lives and bodies.

At this time, there is a lot of movement in the physical body and in the physical world. This is created from the breaking down of the desire nature of the lower will and how it has controlled your experience of reality. This creates a breakdown of old forms, anything that has not been inspired by unity and the good of the whole.

You have seen that in the uprisings in the , as well as in your own governmental forms. There is a great deal of stalemate, with little sense of agreement and true negotiation. This is revealing more fully how the old forms of opposition and the desires that come out of wounded narcissism do not work.

The introduction to these new energies will be introduced in each of these last four months:



This month will be more fully about the archetype of INSPIRATION of the new.

The transformation of the identity and power of the 3rd chakra will shift as this layer of the etheric web of astral energy begins to be burned away. This is an energetic layer that has kept you in a certain level of consciousness.

You may be surprised as shifts in your workplace or in relationships begin to shift in this month, as you begin to connect into an inspiration of your soul groups in a greater way. This will open you into the potential of new ways of relating to one another, particularly those of a similar soul level.

This will be balanced as old relationships begin to break down in a greater way. This month will be a time of revealing the TRUTH of things, through inspirations of new ideas and thought forms and ways of acting.

You will see in the world around you new creative inspirations in science and in spiritual ideals and principles that transcend the limitations of old fundamentalist religions. The will forms that have kept you in herd consciousness will be challenged as new ideas are introduced into the grids of your planetary consciousness.

This will create a shake up in many of the old systems of the world, from governments to social systems. Deeper truths are being revealed and awakened, which will challenge the comfort zone of the familiar defense and separation that you created as children in a limited education.

There will be a deeper desire to go inside, as an inner inspiration begins to awaken at this time. Expect that there may be movement in the body, so that you have physical symptoms. Nausea, indigestion, as well as sharp pains in the solar plexus and lower belly.

The emotional body of the 2nd chakra (naval region) will also be shaken up. How you process and digest may experience upset. There will be more release than usual, or times when you have blockages and constipation. This is all a reflection of the energy attempting to move, awaken and flow through blockages that are habitual.

This may bring up issues of survival consciousness and behaviors rising up as new inspirations are moving from within. Your old identities will go through a shake up, where you may not know who you are any more that is familiar.

You will develop greater sensitivity to energy, which is the beginning of clairsentience, where you simply feel the essence of things in a clearer way. This comes from the inspiration of Higher Will.

Things that are no longer working, such as relationships in the workplace or with old friends, will become more obvious and you will be more consciously impacted. Surround yourself with , such as blue or violet light, to create a sense of protection from lower energies.

You will begin to experience many things at once as you open in this way as well. You won't know how to sort it out logically at the beginning, but you will open to becoming more acutely sensitive. If you are in a crowd, for instance, you may begin to sense what is going on with different individuals at the same time. You may also begin to lose a sense of individual feelings. Now I feel sad. Now I feel impatient.

Instead you may begin to feel intuition and experiential intimacy and connection with all that is going on around you as a deeper way of experiencing.

There will be more shakeups in the physical body of the Earth at this time now, which is going through the same process of moving towards balance and the reflection of the Higher Will.

The Hierarchy is beginning to penetrate your dream state at this point now as well. You may feel more aware and clear in your dreams, where you receive clear inspirations on that level as well. It will not feel like the same old dream state, with archetypes that are unresolved in the subconscious.

You may have stories revealed into your consciousness, giving you new depths of inspiration. This may not be totally clear to begin, but it may begin to happen at this time. You may become more trusting and dependent upon this level of communication with higher energies.


This month will be a time of REVELATION, where you will have more penetration of Higher Will.

This may happen with more synchronicity, as you connect to the Divine Mind of the soul. The creative mind of the soul connects through symbols and archetypes, such as in your dreams. You may begin to experience more REVELATION of what has been inspired from within, which will deepen your multi-dimensional experience and awareness.

This will become clearer as you see things manifesting with things that match your inner intuition and INSPIRATION. You may find yourself more in the moment of reality, but less in an awareness of time. You may begin to experience time as an obstruction in some ways, as an illusion more and more.

There will be a sense of things speeding up so much from the old way of being. This comes from the Higher Will raising your vibration and sensory awareness. As your vibration is raised, you become more multi-dimensionally aware. That can be a bit frightening for some who have not experienced it.

Ultimately it will be thrilling. There will be moments when you experience "non-time." This will lead you to a peaceful joy, even bliss, as you begin to tap the presence of your being. It will reveal itself more and more. This will feel like "home."

The subconscious mind is the expressing mind of the soul and it perceives all things at the same time. It is perceiving aspects of the Higher Will, the superconscious mind, which it interprets and downloads into the way that you experience through archetypes.

This will all begin to impact the conscious mind… once you have healed the wounding to become still enough. This state of bliss will create a sense of expansiveness in your body, where you stop feeling the outer limitations of your body.

You are moving into an ability to perceive yourself as pure consciousness, a pure force that penetrates and transcends the limitations of the physical. As this happens, you will often feel your energy field moving way out beyond you, penetrating all that is around you. In this time of REVELATION, you may start to feel the interconnectedness of your own energy with others. This begins to reveal the truth of your unity.

You may be walking down the street and begin to feel the heart swelling, connecting to the personality power moving out to include and encompass those around you. This will open the sensation of loving acceptance, all a part of the same whole.

If you fight to hold on to separation, this will create greater pain than ever before. Resistance to feelings will become more painful, even physically experienced as pain.

Stomach and digestive problems can develop from this. There will be times that when the through the blockages, you may feel more nausea from the friction that is taking place. This sensation may move up to the throat, as you connect more fully into that 5th chakra .

You will find in this month that it is more and more difficult to avoid and distract from your real truth. This is a part of the deeper revelation. You will not want to cover up that truth any longer on some new levels. When you do suppress, it will create more friction and pain emotionally. You may find at times that when feelings build up, they will literally explode and have to come out.

It may even seem irrational to the habitual choices you have made in your survival separation. It will become more and more difficult to hold things down.

The light of love penetrates and reveals the truth of all things. You will see more upheaval in the world around you, as the secrets continue to rise and be revealed as well. People will be more willing to take in these truths as something that is really happening.

In the past there has been deep denial, because they were too uncomfortable to have the illusion shaken up. So there will be more individuals and groups standing up for truth. There will be those willing to move into leadership positions. There will be more championing of those in need. For instance, there will be those who are impacted by the weather shifts and earth changes that need to be championed.


You will find in this month of EXPRESSION that people are preparing ahead of time, based on the revelations of previous months, to deal with things. You will start to develop more foresight and develop healthier choices.

There will even be a desire to move into healing change that begins to emerge. People will be inspired to express their truths in a deeper way. This will lead to greater group awareness, as soul groups seek to find their place and purpose as you come together in harmony and unity.

People will seek things they have in common to offer to the good of the whole, particularly to inspire their gathering soul groups. Group service will begin to move from the inspiration, based on group meaning, value and purpose beginning to be revealed.

Small villages and towns may come together in deeper ways. It will be less and less difficult to see those who are living in deceit. This is a time when the energies are inspiring the revelation of truth in the Higher Will. As it begins to be expressed in deeper ways, you will see people inspired to be in service to groups and causes.

This is all a part of transcending separation and moving into soul and Higher Will. Growing awareness moves from an inner awakening and revelation into expression in this month and into a deeper experience in December.

There will be sensations in the upper body more fully this month. For instance, the thymus will increase in its sensitivity, as it governs the immune system. It will be more affected by the choices that you make or refuse to make. The throat chakra will be equally affected by your choices. There may be more phlegm and tension in this area of the body. This is the chakra of expression.

There will be pressure in the head and sinuses, which seems to come and go for no apparent reason. Allergies may be triggered as well. This is not an allergy to the typical things.

It will be more about the shift into the newness, with your ability or inability to process it. Higher energy will be downloading into the head. You may want to massage the areas of your temples and around your eyes. The same can be true in the area of the base of the skull at the back of your necks.


This month will be a time of EXPERIENCE, where all that has been prepared in the months we have just discussed become more action and manifestation. Group consciousness will manifest in more specific ways around you.

Groups will develop formats, putting plans into motion. The Middle East is a great example, where they will be putting new governments and plans into action. There will be more and more need to reform the and how it relates to the various parts of the world.

The ways that agreements have been formed before by NATO and the UN Security Council need new adjustments to make it truly work for the good of the whole. There will be a marked learning curve for different countries and cultures which begin to be put into place as these deeper truths emerge and you are inspired into more unity and oneness.

The throat chakra is actually about the expression of the Divine Will, the Divine Plan through individual soul consciousness. It will now accelerate your learning curve as you respond to the need to connect in group consciousness and world service (responding at first to the world around you).

Some will respond in politics, science, philosophy, psychology, spiritual focus and other areas, according to the perfect revelation of each individual.

Imagine the world that will begin to hint itself at this time, where all individual expressions of the Divine Mind is recognized in value for what it is.

All can be supported and celebrated and how it serves the whole. You will begin to see the front edge of this manifesting in small ways at first, as all the forms that do not know how to hold this space begin to break down.

This applies to your own individual lives as well. So allow the illusions based on fear and desire to break down and be let go, as you begin to focus on that which sets you up so much more fully and completely.

This Higher Will is now attempting to penetrate, to become your intuition and knowing. Focus on that and allow that to become your Inspiration, Revelation, Expression and Experience.

So these are some of the things you can expect and look forward to as you move through the final four months of 2011, a Year of the Revelation of Truth and Integration.