This is Galatia.

I am standing in your midst right now, next to you, within your I AM Presence. Allow me to touch your right shoulder. This is how I will connect with you.

I am going to share with you an Abundance Vision. It will only take 5 minutes to do, it doesn't take a lot of effort. This is one way you can help yourself and the planet to evolve more towards awareness of our abundance, which is indeed everywhere around us, but hard to see if you're not used to seeing it. It is a way to use your will, your imagination, and your energy to cause miracles to occur.

Remember that the topic of money and spirituality is not "bad", as some of you may have felt. There is nothing "wrong" with the currency itself. Lessons pave the way for . Therefore, you can use money as a tool to create new choices. Perhaps in the end you will give it up. You may use the currency of Love rather than materials. That day is not far away.

Let's do a visualization that will assist you in creating a greater experience of abundance for yourself and your planet. Imagine a river, a stream, flowing beneath you – you are standing in it. This river is filled with diamonds. You scoop up diamonds when you lean over to take water in your hands. Look above, the trees hold a diamond-shaped fruit on it's leaning branches. This is a diamond place, where miracles happen. This place is located within your heart. I am there with you, right now.

You are the essence of these diamonds, you know that. You have experieneced these things before, and you will experience them in the future. What I want to do, is open the door from this place to your external world now. Will you allow me to do that?

The door is found on your chest. A beam of energy rushes forward as we open the door to the diamond-place. It fills the whole room where you are standing. A lot of beings of light are drawn to the radiance that is emanating from your heart.

Now let's close the door once more. I want you to notice that all of this radiance comes from within you. You hold it carefully within yourself. Now, I invite you to try an experiment. Let's go back, in your imagination, into your heart place with the diamonds. Let's go to the stream and take a scoop of these radiant diamonds. Now, let's send them to your Angels. You might picture yourself throwing the diamonds up into the sky and see your Angels taking them.

Now see the door to your heart open. The Angels are now free to take these diamonds of abundance wherever you wish. You might want the Angels to place them in the lives of others in the world who are hungry or need money for their education, or to a charity. You might ask them to place a diamond in the home of a struggling family, with bills they can't pay. You can send them anywhere.

Naturally, you can also send them to help yourself, even for fun things. You can imagine yourself buying new clothes and put the diamond into that scene, or buying good , and doing the same, or going to school, and seeing the diamond in that scenario. Wherever you put these diamonds, the Angels will cause wealth to grow. And it's not necessarily in the form of money – it could be through generosity or good fortune – but it could very well be money. It will manifest as whatever is needed.

These little diamonds are also mirrors, reflecting the Divine Presence back to you and your life.

Envision this as often as you wish. You can imagine yourself just sitting in the diamond realm and soaking up the energies, during meditation, to make them more a part of your awareness every day.

Thank you for being with me. I hope you have a wonderful day.