Many of you are feeling that the world around you is falling apart and you want someone to be with you just in case things get worse. Your most important relationship is the one you have with your Presence for it is always there to remind you that you are a glorious facet of the Divine, that all is more than well, and you chose to be here during these changes for very good reasons. There is a great Divine Plan that is currently unfolding to shift 's consciousness into the 5th dimension where relationships will support whole new ways of being together ~ new ways of loving and living that are always reflecting Unity or Golden Age Consciousness. This is not a dream for a utopian tomorrow, yet rather a that exists right now if you choose to create Golden Age relationships in your life.

and Lady Miriam

When you choose to be the changes you want to see in your personal relationships and in all the relationships you are witnessing around the world between the people of all nations, your Presence will come forward to show you the true potential that exists for humanity as it moves into the 5th dimension or Golden Age consciousness. Your Presence has been given many names ~ your God Self, your Higher Self, your , your Buddha Nature, Atma or Oversoul. Every Golden Age is created by those who are willing to manifest from the level of their Presence. When you are speaking, listening, acting and loving as your own beloved Presence, you make a tremendous difference in the world. And when you come together with others who are also aligned with their Presence, that automatically sets the foundation for creating new ways of living and loving on your glorious Earth as equal, awakened beings who want the best for everyone.

If humankind is to move out of separation, fear, hate and all the thoughts and feelings that were part of the old duality programming, then relationships are going to be very different than they have been in the old paradigm. Each person will be seen as totally divine and whole with gifts to offer their communities and attributes to be respected by others. When you step into living like this, you may be amazed how truly wonderful everyone is! Start now by seeing each person as whole and valuable. Do not let yourself think or feel lesser thoughts as it will not only assist them to rise into their greater potential, it will assist you to rise into more of yours!

Please know during these transitional times that there really is a great Divine Plan. That plan did not create the upheaval you are witnessing, as that is a demonstration of the cleansing that naturally comes when the old is making room for the new. The Divine Plan is being held and now amplified within a huge crystalline globe of living light that is around your world. That globe is pouring seeds of Source Love and Light into your world so they can literally be used to create your new Golden Age. These seeds must be nourished to flourish, and you are the gardeners!

It all begins with relationship on every level of life ~ with the self, with family, with friends, with those in the community, and with all the people around the world. We are assisting thousands of you to embody your mastery so you can create new paradigms on every level of your earth life. The vision holders are many, yet those who are truly willing to use their spiritual strengths and all the qualities of their Presence to carry their visions into manifestation are far less. We are speaking to the hearts of all those who truly know that you are here to co-create the next Golden Age of Freedom.

Many hearts are hearing the call to begin walking their mastery as Golden Age men and women who are fully dedicated to supporting all that is in harmony with Unity or . As above, so below ~ heaven is truly all around you. The life of a Golden Age man or woman will be their unique song and it will be in harmony with the symphony of the universe, for the orchestration will be directed by the Presence.

Through Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose