~ graciousness~


It is with that we come forth

This day to speak to you of this topic..


To know ….

~one must be grace~

To be grace one must come to master

A of graciousness..

Feel how your feels when you

Even hear the word…..~graciousness~

Allow yourself to feel into the feelings

That arise from within your senses

When you feel the feeling of graciousness..


Your “outer&; senses will not take you

Where you want to go!!!!


We have stated many times that what

You perceive is what you will experience…


It is within you to “choose” what you

Will perceive ..

Yes…the earthly eyes may show you

One thing…but the singular eye sees

Only itself…that which is love..it acknowledges

Only that presence….thus forgiving what it

Thinks it sees and choosing with love…


Thus experiencing the gift of graciousness

For itself…


Your kingdom &;s

Is within

It is for you to create your own inner kingdom

And use what appears to be outside of you

As your training ground..

It is for you to use time wisely be practicing

Perceiving only that “light” within each

And every now arising…

This must speak to you of being


To be present and choose graciousness

Is to be


Today…dear one’s a short message

Yet if you would hear me it is of

Great importance for you now…


Greet the day with graciousness..

Forgiving all that you think you see

Perceiving only the real world

For as you retrain your mind to

~see only love~

~the real world reveals itself to you~


To “think” with the world

Will only bring you the experiences

Of the unreal world…

It is for you to “be”

Heaven on earth by growing its garden

Within you….

Look into the beautiful mirror of your being

Within the flower above…

feel into the depth of it…

That depth is your connection to the

one True heart..

the core of the flower…

all of the petals that appear to birth forth

From that center

Are mirroring the beauty of the core

Of the flower itself…radiating all of the truth

and Power within the core itself…


this is in truth where you abide..

within and ~as~ the core..


~graciousness~ creates the most beautiful

Of flowers in your own inner garden

And dear one’s

Your inner garden is all that is real

For You….

~a state of graciousness is living

As the core of the one true heart~


With that…we bless you

And we honor the willingness

You all carry within your hearts…


~the voice of love~


Jeshua and denisa…a co-creation




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