September 22, 2011

It is a welcoming pleasure to be here today. What a remarkable day it is. I AM Master Ernon, of Suern. Suern is an . and part of Arabia is where Suern would be today. I AM also one of the Sons of Solitude and I was an during the time of Atlantis on this land I have very briefly spoken of.

My coming today through this child is not to give you a History on Ancient culture or its people. I chose to speak through her to speak of and of God&;s LOVE. Your world before you, where you live, work and play is changing at a very fast pace. So fast, for some of you, you can barely keep up. You have much to do. You are learning about new concepts for where you live, work and play. And you are learning new concepts that are for your spiritual development as well. Not only are you learning new concepts and ideas; you are learning about gifts, or powers you have. Everyone one is so uniquely blessed with the gifts they have been chosen to have. Some gifts are not yet evident, but all becomes apparent when one is ready. It is the Divine way.

The concepts and new ways you are learning require a great deal of your focus, time and . It is important to take each step one at a time. Every time you enter a new learning curve, one of the first steps is your awareness of where you are now going. Mentally be aware of each step you are taking, instead of just speeding your way through. As you enter each new phase, take your time and be grateful for each phase you have just completed, and rejoice to where you are heading. Your guides, regardless if they are Masters, Angels, Gods or others, they are helping you along in their own special way. You may not know them by name. As you move along this wonderful journey, mentally or verbally saying ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’ and give why you are thankful. Showing ‘thankfulness’ is very rewarding for YOU.

When you discover a new talent or skill, show thanks for it being there and for it coming to you. Use those skills and gifts with love and not to cause harm to others as a form of making yourself seem more powerful. Any gift or ability you currently have, has been given to you with love, and is meant to be used with love. Karma does exist dear children, as I am sure some of you are aware. Karma and my people have met, and my people learned a valuable lesson through karmic consequences. Your very own wisdom comes from your terrific experiences and what you learned through them. Take heed to what you learned dear ones, and allow yourself to move on.

I have come forth to speak of God’s love in the most purest of forms. Many messages before me speak of this love, God’s unconditional love for all his sons and daughters. Not only are you to receive such a beautiful love, but to give it also. What a beautiful gift to give – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. To give such a love, you first must be able to love yourself just as much. That alone will require a great deal of work. It requires honesty of oneself, trust, revealing many truths, learning the REAL you and much more. This is no overnight task dear ones. Learning to love YOU requires much patience and willingness to see yourself in ALL that is there. That means seeing all the good with all the bad. Taking the bad, when you see or learn of it and turning it into a positive new way of being. When you can share this deep, pure love of yourself to others, you will see people and your environment differently. You will see and notice how much happier you are. You will recognize and admit that all of mankind are deserving of such a pure love. You notice yourself as being different, and others will notice this also. They may not be able to pinpoint what is the change. But you will know, your INNER self will know as you have learned to LOVE as purely as God does.

It is not difficult to maintain this purity of loving once you have achieved it. You simply ARE. You feel within your heart, a warmth that is indescribable, or a feeling of fluttery wings of beautiful butterflies, maybe both you will feel. What you experience will be unique to you. Allow yourself to feel dear ones. Again, show gratitude for what you are feeling and for loving so purely. Don’t be shy of the gratitude. It helps you bring forward what are being grateful for, where you can see it.

I am preparing to leave dear ones. I AM grateful to this child for agreeing to my presence with her today. And I AM grateful to being able to speak to so many. Through her, I will return again. Enjoy the love and the light you are feeling from the Love that comes from God and from me. Revel in the warmth and comfort the purity of this love as it wraps around you in a loving, heartfelt embrace. Until next time we speak, know I am one to guide you, support you and love you along your journey that you walk.


Master Ernon, Rai of Suern through Julie Miller