Sep 27

Posted by Wes Annac

Hello dearest friends and fellow souls of the Light. It is a very energetic day we have the pleasure to experience today, and I for one can feel the uplifting enveloping my being and re-assuring me that all is always well. Can you all feel these energies today? Can you feel the uplifting nature the Heavens are blessing us with? I know I certainly can. πŸ™‚ Now, I know I have written on here of the problems in my Life I have been going throught that have caused my time and for readings to shrink, but I haven’t been very specific on what some of those problems are and how they trace back to ascension. Some of the more personal problems I wish not to get into, but I would like to make known some of the non-physical elements of the problems I have been trying to get past lately.

To get into that, I would first need to offer a little bit of history of myself. I was an here on Earth in Atlantean times; I came to Earth from the Planet I call ‘Erra’ in the Pleiades star system. I have been told that I helped build many of the beautiful crystal structures of Atlantis and that I did so joyusly. Through my own expoloration of my past in Atlantis, I also found out that sadly I bought in to the ’s lies and helped build the weapon that brought about the downfall of Atlantis. This is something I am not in any way proud of, and I still find myself wrestling with crippling and intense emotions of guilt and sadness just thinking about it. Like many, I bought into the ’s lies that Lemuria, the neighboring colony, was working to wipe out Atlantis when really they were only developing new technologies to aid in their own civilization’s advancement. The were very conniving and convincing, and they did everything in their power to convince myself and many more souls that the Lemurians were working to wipe out Atlantis.

So here it is. I am throwing all my cards on the table with this admission. I, while under a bit of a ‘spell’ if you will, helped the Annunaki bring about the fall of Atlantis. Again, I am not proud of this. I still feel an overwhelming amount of guilt and sadness just thinking and writing about it. But if I am to get over this last ‘hump’, I know I need to share this truth with all dear souls who read my blog. Now, obviously my actions in helping the Annunaki were inexcusable, and as a result I spent many difficult incarnations in many difficult places. As a result of working for the ‘dark side’, I had to spend incarnations in the illuminati families. Those were by far some of the most difficult Lives I had to experience, apart from working my whole Life in asian sweatshops in quite a few Lives to pay off the huge amount of negative karma I had worked up. But I digress.

Now, any open soul in the ‘illuminati’ families will tell you, being apart of these families means being subject to many dark rituals. Many of these rituals have to do with binding darkness to one’s soul, to one’s very being. Some of them also have to do with keeping Light away from one’s being at all costs. I have had a dear soul in one of the illuminati families tell me of a dark ritual he was forced to be apart of in which he was the target, that he can barely remember. This ritual consited of bringing one’s soul out of body, and then inducing many painful ‘zaps’ or other type of pain that are meant to get one to fear being out of body and astral traveling. It is a mental effect that is induced by pain and fear. If the subject of the ritual wishes to go out of body or , they will be brought right back to that fear and pain that is then supposed to make them surrender and stay away from anything that could possibly be of the Light. These are sick rituals, which is what the heads of the illuminati familes Love so much about them.

The ritual described above is only one of many sickening rituals they perform on their youth to keep the youth chained to darkness. Some rituals I can slightly remember from my Lives in those families were rituals that forced one’s soul out of body, so their body could be taken over or ‘posessed’ by a dark soul who then uses the body to commit unspeakable acts of cruelty. The same friend who told me of the ritual above has also told me of this one, but I can remember something deeper than that. Something I went through with these rituals. I remember a ritual in which the dark gets literally binded to my soul, to my very being, so when I try to commit acts of the Light I am somewhat ‘punished’ by psychic attacks and other forms of punishment. I am still wrestling with these dark beings to this very day. They try to take hold of my being by enticing me with anger, frustration, lust, or any other form of dark emotion that we are constantly exposed to on Earth. I am currently in the process of once and for all wiping these dark souls away from my being, and it has been a very difficult and intense process that has taken much of my energy.

I am literally now confronting these dark beings in my dreams as I am ridding myself of their influence. About a week ago, in my dreams I was ‘hunting’ zombies and demons. I wish my true self could have had some influence over this dream (IE, I wish I could have gone lucid) because I then would have been able to realize that shooting these beings are not going to take them away from me, rather Loving them and accepitng them as a part of me would have taken their influence away from me. I was exposed to some of the sickest, cruelest looking demons that I know are the very demons who latched onto my being during those dark rituals. Two nights ago in my dreams, I was confronted by a magic man of sorts, a man of the black arts. One could liken him to the demon ‘Sulpa’ also known as ‘Jack’ in the Graham Hancock book Entangled. This man was very intimidating, very scary, and he was telling me he was going to kill and hurt me for leaving the dark and committing acts of the Light. Me, in my un-lucid state told him I was going to kill him, to which he cooly replied, those words are only aiding me. After a long time of being chased and hurt by this magic man in my dream, I was able to ‘shake’ him off of me and wake up. It was still a very difficult experience.

I have had psychic attack after psychic attack hit me the past couple weeks. These attacks are hard to describe, but they are pretty awful. I can go from being in a perfectly fine mood, to out of nowhere feeling scared, annoyed, frustrated and angry. I can recognize when a lower being is attempting to attack me and some of the time I can keep centered with the help of my guides so the attacks don’t reach me. But when these attacks to get through, they are devastating. I snap on those around me seemingly over nothing, and I overall act like a completely different person. When under the influence of negative emotions, if I start trying to feel positive in any way I get bashed right back down through an attack that I am vulnerable to because of my feeling negatively in the first place. Friends, it is so very difficult. I am not trying to act like a victim here, as despite all the hardships I know this was something I signed up for. I just wish you all to know that dealing with these increased psychic attacks has taken up a lot of my energy as of late. I have entered the final ‘showdown’ period so to speak where I once and for all let these dark entities know that I will no longer put up with their influence. Still, after having them binded to me for so long, it is quite difficult to do so and has taken so very much out of me. I am tired.

So, I wanted to let you all know why I may seem as if I am not ‘around’ as much as I did before. I am dealing with many psychic attacks because not only do the immediate dark beings around me not like that I am waning away from their influence, I am also attracting a myriad of other dark souls who do not like what I have been doing with channeling our Pleiadian friends and with connecting to so many Ascended Guides while giving souls readings. I know that what I am doing opens myself up to psychic attacks, but I will not let it sway me any longer. Feeling more energized on this day, I have resumed readings today and have already gotten three done. Again, there are many dark beings that do not like me for what I am doing, and because of that I have been subject to quite many psychic attacks. I am seeing my way through it however. Boy am I excited to be back in 5D!!! πŸ™‚

Much Love πŸ™‚