God said:

No longer do you confine yourself to small parameters. No longer can you. You are expanding. Old clothes no longer fit. You are expanding to encompass the whole Universe within you. How great you have grown. All is contained within the bubble of yourself. You are your own crystal ball. Not only is your own future within you, the future of the world lies within you. It bursts forth from you. You are the creator of what befalls. By your thoughts, by the timbre of your thoughts do you create . By the do you create the state of affairs.

You a drum, and that drum is heard everywhere, and everyone and dances to the beat of your tom-tom.

You may say that the world is out of sync with you, and yet the world sinks to your level or it rises to it. I am telling you that you may not yet have taken responsibility. You may have preferred irresponsibility to responsibility. You may have preferred pointing a finger rather than perceiving responsibility.

Beloveds, I do not say the state of affairs is your direct doing. I know you would do otherwise. I am saying that you have say in the state of the world. By your thoughts, do you. By your emotions, do you. By every thought and every emotion and action, do you. Even when you sit in a corner of your house, the world revolves around you. I say again that the world is contained within you.

Just as you buy a house, so do you choose the world. Buy a house in a lovely, love-filled neighborhood. The world is a of you that you have drawn. You put peace here and there and you put rumblings in many places.

You would never create war near or far. And yet you have had war in your , and you have fought battles. Fortunately, you have always had peace in your and love to give away as well. All the good rumors on , you have created.

You deliver the news.

Be careful that you are not a warmonger. Watch your speech. Consider what you do and what you do not do. Consider the world that is within you and also at your feet. Be careful where you step, for others will follow in your footsteps. Where you tread, so will the world tread. Become peace, and the world will embrace peace. The music you make is echoed all over the world. No matter how far away, the troubles of the world were manufactured before they went on the market. Troubles of the world are worldwide. You reach every spot on Earth, and every spot of Earth reaches you. There is no far. All is near. Everything is as close as your heart.

Take out the extraneous from your heart. Anything but love is extraneous to your heart. The balm of the world is the love and peace in yourself. There is no room in anyone's heart for a complaint department. The days of complaining are over. Now what will you do with yourself, beloveds? I think you have to come to an understanding with yourself, for all are you and you are all. You have woven the mural that hangs on your wall. You can change it.

Recognize that you are an agent of change. Become what you want the world to be, and the world will be as you are. It is as you are right now. The world is at your beck and call. Welcome it, and show it what it can be and will be. It has always been following you. The craziness in the world is your craziness. The beauty in the world is your beauty and vice versa.

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