God said:

You do not have to say you have in your mind to say. Is this a novel idea? You don't have to say , and no one has to hear you have to say. Silence serves well every now and then, or more.

Too often, those of you who talk so much, think so much, are not thinking at all. Your thoughts have carried you away. Be carried away by love instead. Love is the only thing to be carried away with. Love takes you further than around the block. Love will transport you to the Highest .

Thinking goes around in circles. You know it does. Sometimes I think of you who are circling round and round in thoughts and drawing wonderful conclusions as akin to the boy who pulled out a plum, and said: "What a good boy am I?"

Try being silent for a whole day. What does the world look like from the of silence? Will you even remember what was so important to you that you would have to blab it to everyone in sight, and therefore to the world?

Have one thought and let it be love. And when you speak, let it be for the sake of another and not yourself. You must think beyond yourself. Unless you are thinking beyond yourself, you are Narcissus by the side of the lake, falling in love with his own reflection.

Of course, you love to hear yourself speak. Now love to listen. Now love to serve.

You do not have to lay your life down for others, just your words. Spread a garden before others, a real garden with real flowers, not artificial. No, not artificial. Find that garden within your heart that is true and make that your speech.

No longer announce what doesn't please you. Why plant displeasure when you can give love? Time for a change. Say something new.

Anyone can find fault. Finding fault takes no talent. Faults are obvious.

Why give a drill on faults when you can love. And, when you do not feel love, you can rise to love.

Love by blessing. Love by appreciating. Love by gracing the Universe with appreciation. What does it say when faults stand out for you more than anything else? Nor are you to find fault with yourself. What is the good of that? Whom does it serve? Not you, not Me.

What are you pointing to? Point to that which serves a . What is your ? Do you choose to become a champion fault-finder in this lifetime? There is nothing original in finding fault. There are things to pass by. Avoid darkness and choose light. It is not your role to emphasize flaws.

Look to yourself. If you don't like potholes in the road, stop complaining about them. Encouragement works much better than pointing out fault.

If you don't like litter in the park, pick it up then. Set an example for others. Set an admirable example for others. Set a shining example for others.

Light up the world.

You have described your discontent enough. Get off that horse. Find another to ride. Say goodbye to dissatisfaction. Embrace satisfaction. If you want good health, you would not embrace disease.

If you want satisfaction in life, then please stop embracing dissatisfaction. Vote for what you like. Enough about what you don't like. I never hired you to find fault. Find satisfaction.

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