God said:

A caterpillar doesn't resist being transformed into a , and yet you resist your own transformation. In your case, it is not really so much a transformation as it is removing old layers that have kept you hidden, even from yourself. And so you may resist taking off your old familiar bathrobe and serapes and shawls you have covered yourself with. You can't hide your bright light forever. You have never hidden it from Me.

Why hide that which is the most beautiful of all? Why not be a butterfly?

Your days of being a bumbling caterpillar are over. Now you are going to fly. Bared of the old cloaks, you are going to be as light as air, and you are going to light up the whole world. Think of it, your light going on all over the world. You will be waking everyone up to the bright light they have held back on. Your light is not dim. Your light is bright. Only you have covered it up. You are a bright candle, so now let your light be seen.

What do you have, dear ones? You have the to brighten the world or to cast shadows upon it. Take a stand. If you wish to represent Me, then represent Me. Instead of casting shadows of doubt or negativity or whatever, cast out old thoughts that darken life on . Jump out and let your light be seen. You can't hide your light forever. You were born to be or . No longer can you hide in the crowds. Now you come forward and accept your crown. I dub you now the bright light that you always have been. Bright light, stand up. Come forward and accept what you were born for.

From this day forward, you will acknowledge yourself as bright light. You will come out from under the eaves and reveal the light that you are.

If you don't know where to begin, then I will tell you. No more old thinking. When an old thought appears, replace it with a new thought.

If you have previously thought that you are not worth much really, now say that you are worth a great deal.

If you have previously thought that you were not lovable, now say that you are lovable and how much you love yourself.

Negative thinking is old thinking. There has been a preponderance of old thinking on Earth, and that is going to change now. You are going to change it. And you change it by stepping out of the past and putting on a pair of new shoes. They are spanking new shoes, and you can only dance in them, and you can only speak truth in them. In these new shoes, you can only glisten. You can only step out of the old shadow of yourself, for you now recognize your bright light and hide it no longer.

You are a bright star from who has alit on Earth. Where did you think you came from if not from ? You are still from . You were -sent, and now you are rising to , and you pull the entourage of the world along with you. You are not an idler here on Earth.

You are a proponent for Earth. As you dance on Earth, you lift up the world as you would the hem of a ball gown, and you raise Earth to Heaven so that darkness disappears and only the sun shines on Earth. You are the sun that shines. Do not deceive yourself that you are a cloud. Clouds burst, and you have burst out of cloud-consciousness now into starlight-consciousness, into moon-consciousness, into sun-consciousness.

You are the sun.

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