God said:

Let Me come to the fore of your life. There is no better company than I. Through thick and thin, I am with you. If you want Me to silently trail after you, I do that. If you want Me to be voluble, I whisper in your ear. I am to you whatever you want Me to be. No matter what, I am your Friend. There is no other like Me.

That I accommodate your intention does not mean I am malleable. I do not take bribes. I do not favor one over another. I love all. I Power itself am helpless when it comes to love. Nothing can deter me.

There is nothing you can do to prove that I do not love you. There is nothing that can happen to you that disproves My love. Try as you may to disbelieve in My love, My love will course through your disproval of Me, and nor does your approval buy you points. I Who Am so personal nevertheless cut a wide swath. You may see one way. You most certainly do, and I see another way. We can say that from the top of the mountain, I see all and know all and love all.

From your preoccupation in the world, you see one way while I see another. What you see as tragedy, I see differently. I have the long-view, and you have the close-up. You value close-ups, no matter how much they may make your ache. You see , and I see . In , there is no . Physicists know that.

But, alas, you have to take that on faith that I know what I am talking about. You do not yet recognize that you are short-sighted. With the glasses you wear, you simply can't see the Overall as the Overall is. You see death when death is not. You believe utterly in your illusions. "But, God, but God." you say. There are no buts about it, dear ones. You and I are One, and I am here to stay. That means you are here to stay as well. Eternity and Infinity are.

In your view, everything is in disproportion. Your view is distorted. My view is pristine. Your vision lacks what your heart deep down knows. My heart is already smack in the center of yours, and yet you run around the rim. In Truth, your heart is solid. There can be no heartbreak. There is no for heartbreak. You allow toy rubber knives to cut your heart. This is what suffering amounts to.

Suffering is not noble. It is not worthy. It is not real. Oh, yes, it seems very real. It seems the realest of all. Nevertheless, suffering is a trumped-up thing. There is no reason to suffer. There is no sense to it. Suffering is painful, and yet you adhere to it. You believe in cause and effect. You believe that A has to cause B. You believe that it is inevitable that you suffer. And so you suffer. You allow Life to be your backbone, and it fails you. A loved one dies, and you fight it. You are sure this is not supposed to happen, and yet, in terms, it has always been so. The Great Ones leave the , and your great loves leave the . Be not sad for them nor for you. What is true never leaves.

What is false never was. Attachment is a losing game. In the outward world, nothing stays the same. In Truth, there is nothing that changes. Love is, life is, and they are Eternal, and what more can I say?

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