God said:

The message has been sent. The message was sent long ago. You received it long ago. The message was sent over the air waves. I whispered it in your ear. I whispered in your ear what you are here on Earth to do. You do not have to remember what I whispered. You understood then. It may be unintelligible to you now. You do not have to be conscious of it. You don't have to be concerned about it because you are on the trail. When you are already walking on a trail, you don't need a map telling you how to get there.

There will be signposts popping up along the way as well.

It is ego that craves to know what your specific purpose in life is, as if to patently know your future gold stock is essential, as if you can't begin until you know the exact details.

The general purpose, the blanket purpose, is to love. That is the umbrella you go under. That is all you need to know. Within that umbrella come many specific shapes and sizes. What is it exactly that you think you have to know? The Great Ones may well not have known their specific purpose until they found themselves there. They did not have maps. They found themselves, you understand. They found themselves and with no way to turn back. They could not turn back the clocks. They could not trade in the pure gold of their existence for a specific title.

All the scrambling you do, desperately wanting to know your assigned purpose, is not necessary. Be content in knowing that you have a purpose, and you are on track now. Everyone has been blessed with a purpose.

Certainly, you have had detours. You went left instead of right, or you didn't move at all. Yet now you are in a position to live the life you know exists even when you can't give it a name.

Your purpose is greater than standing on the corner of State and Main, waiting for something to happen or a package to arrive.

Beloveds, your destiny is following you. Go forward, and your destiny will clap a hand on your shoulder. Your destiny will stare into your eyes, and you will succumb. Then you will dance a million jigs. Your destiny is you, nobody but you and, of course, Me. You are the destiny you seek.

Your importance is in you, not in a named future. Beloveds, you are not waiting for a hand-out. It's true that you might find a gold coin on the street. If you do, you will have stumbled on it. For the most part you have to mine for gold. You have to dig for it. You have to pause, take a breath, and look not for your fortune as such, look not for a reward as much as you look to give rather than receive, to know your own heart and follow it forthwith, not for what primacy you will attain but for what you can give in My Name. Start.

You are a in a fine restaurant. You take trays from the kitchen, and fill them with culinary delights, and you take them out and serve them to the hungry diners. You do not fiddle around in the kitchen asking yourself: "What shall I put on these trays?" No, you are served the trays, and so you carry them out and serve them to their rightful owners. You simply deliver the trays filled with sweetmeats.

Whatever your specific tasks, you are the deliverers of manna from Heaven. You can start delivering now. Perhaps you start delivering unprestigious pizza. That is how you follow your destiny. You don't wait for a limo to pull up. You take an ordinary cab or get on a bus. You reach out and claim your destiny, not for what it does for you, but as a gift you give to others.


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