God said:

The stars shine down on you, and you look up at the stars. Your eyes follow the stars, and the stars follow you. You and the stars are destined for each other. You are meant for each other. The stars follow you, and you follow the stars. The Magi followed the stars, and the stars led them to a holy birth, holy because the baby blossomed into the man. He was not someone for whom it could be said: "What he could have been." He became what he could have been. He became a bright light that the stars looked upon, and he lighted up the world simply because he was.

And so must you. Attach your to the stars and you will wonders perform. You are a wonder. You are here to bless the and all those who cohabit the will you. With every step you take is to bless the your feet walk on. There is a straight line between you and the stars. The stars pull you, and, as though you are harnessed to the stars, you pull them. You look up at the stars, and the stars look at you. They shine on you as you shine on the stars. It is all reciprocal, isn't it? The stars give as good as they get, and you spark the stars.

It is as though you are a drum majorette. At the top of your baton are the stars you whirl, and you whirl the stars fluently. You and the stars have a language of your own. You are both whirling in space, whirling, whirling, as you communicate back and forth. You lead one another. Stars in the sky and stars on Earth, the stars and you.

This is romance. This is romance at its highest. The stars pluck you from Earth. There is a light exchange. And you pluck the stars. With the light bright between you, the Earthly Stars become the Heavenly Stars, and from what vantage is it known which are which when light shines forth so brightly? The stars warm your heart, and the stars twinkle. You do have an infinity with the stars, and yet it is not one way. Not at all. Everything has an influence on everywhere, and you influence the stars. You are as important as the stars. And the stars are not there for nothing.

The stars reflect My light, and you reflect My light. My light is reflected, and you and the stars and the rest of the galaxies reflect Me. There is nothing else to reflect.

And, so, in your reflection, I am reflected on Earth. Whose light is the sun's if not Mine? And whose light is yours if not Mine? My light belongs to all, and you who stand in the threshold of My light, are the sparklers of it.

Shine, o beautiful soul, shine on.

You are the harvest moon as well. And you are the dew that falls, or does it rise up from the center of the Earth to moisten the Earth's coverlet?

Where did you spring from if not from My heart?

And where did the stars spring from if not from My heart?

And where did everything spring from if not from My heart?

And where did you spring from, and where are you going if not to My heart?

Where else is there to go but My heart? What else is there to find but My heart. What are you looking for if not My heart? And My heart dwells in yours, and you dwell in Mine, and so the prince and the princess are united, and the stars blink in joy at the marriage of hearts and stars and all the sundry Creation.

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