God said:

You are elegantly written in My . Now write yourself on . Draw a picture of what you are like based on your presence in My heart. Describe yourself with your mind and your heart and your perambulation on . Display that which you wish to encounter, for encounter you will.

Follow Me. 'Tis true I follow you. I follow you through every motion you make. I follow you through thick and thin, and, yet, you are to follow Me. I follow your back. I am your Sentry. I do not take My eyes off you. I am your . I am your Guardian. I am your Provider.

I follow you, and I am ahead of you. Let Us walk together, side by side. I never take My eyes off you. Look squarely into My eyes and melt into yourself. Come, walk across the stars with Me at your side. We can walk anywhere you like. We can walk down the meadow lane. We can walk down Main Street. We can walk. We can fly. We can speculate. We can chew gum and blow bubbles. We can sit down by the river. We can row a boat. We can walk on water. We can do anything at all.

Let's venture forth today and soar the skies. Let's reach the sun and warm ourselves. Let Us travel through the corridors of your heart and be amazed at the amazing sights there. We touch a chord, and We play the music of your heart, and it resounds around the world, the music of your heart.

Your heart houses a piano, and it plays music of its own accord. You tune the piano. What a you are. What an artist of music and of art, and so you compose your life, and so it is composed, and so it plays, and so We are together today sparkling light across the firmament, enjoying one another, enjoying Our walk across the firmament, across the galaxies, across the crust of Earth.

And now We walk into the of everyone. May everyone come join us in this walk We take. It is a March for Peace. Believe in Me. Believe in peace. Believe in good. Believe in life. No more skirting around the issues. The issue is you. Establish yourself in peace, and you establish the world in peace. Keep one in . Stray not from it. Balance the ball of Earth.

Picture yourself holding the Earth in your arms. You hug it. You carry it with you. You bounce it. Bounce it high. Bounce it right up here to where I am. Be lively. Bounce the Earth you live on, and keep one foot in Heaven. It is easier to keep one foot in Heaven than two on Earth. Walk the Grand Fantastic.

You have waltzed your way into My heart. Take My love with you wherever you go, wherever your mind goes, wherever your heart goes, wherever you may be. My love trails after you, and My love goes before you. Follow My love. it. onto it. Drop off My love wherever you are, and keep it with you. You will never run out of My love. My love is inevitable. We are inevitable together. We are all possibilities. We are wonderful.

The gingerbread man said, "Catch me if you can." I am saying that you can catch Me. I am saying that you can't go anywhere without Me. I am saying that you are always with Me, and I am always with you. We are connected. We are well-connected.

The invisible gold link that holds Us together cannot be broken. We are ultimately and infinitely One. One and One is One. Stay close.

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