God said:

Look at you, here in My arms. Look at you, under the umbrella of My love.

Look at you, walking the Earth, and revealing Me here. You are part of a parade of love. You are the marching band of My heart. You take Me with you. I am the Silent Partner Who gives you a stake in the big poker game. Life seems like a poker game. There is a lot of betting going on. You have hunches, and you follow them, or you don't follow them. You could have played a different hand. What you cannot do, in the game of life, is not play at all.

You wear no armor. What protects you? From what do you have to be protected? Perhaps you are playing one game with the rules from another. What do you think you are to protect yourself from? The call of life is not intended to be, "Defend, defend, defend." Too often that is your stance, a military stance. You are protecting something. Perhaps it is your ego, that frail captain of the . You call out the troops, and their name is ego. How imaginary are your troops. You draw a circle around yourself, and call yourself safe.

Life on Earth is not about safety. Moving forward is not less safe than staying still. Stay in one place, and life will find its way to you regardless. Do you know what defending is? It is fighting. Please put your fists down. Relax your mightiness.

The truth is that you are mighty, but not a mighty warrior. Be a mighty peace-giver. Give away your ego. Send it to the nethermost hills, and you will be My sentinel of peace. You do not need ego's permission in order to leave it. Ego is a neurotic fellow. You don't want to let ego pull you by the nose.

When you wax high and mighty, odds are it is ego flourishing. How well ego justifies itself. It is so proud and haughty. Ego is insatiable. That is the big trouble with ego. It is on a quest for more insults to vanquish. Ego is a son-of-a-gun.

Life comes down to this. You have a choice. Your choice is between ego and Me. That I am the obvious choice doesn't mean that you choose Me. The fact is that ego has grabbed you. Please don't leave your life up to ego.

If you must be guarded, guard yourself from ego, and release yourself to Me. You are not truly dependent upon ego. Ego is dependent upon you. Ego would tell you differently, and you have, on one or more occasions, bought ego's sales pitch. Alas, the fake ego has fooled you. There may be a lot of fanfare, yet, ultimately, He lets you down.

And yet life is not about your being let down. It is not about your getting to the top of the mountain. It is not about your outdistancing anyone. It is not about even your outdistancing yourself. It is about choosing Me. Choose Me, and you choose love. You choose to be the love you already are. You choose to be Truth. You choose to rise above the calumny of the world. You play a different high stakes game. You enter True Life.

You escape parody. You pass through Go. You are no longer about winning.

You are about giving, and you give and give, and, among all the medals you give, you find that you gave to yourself. Give love. There are only beneficiaries to love. As you give love away, you claim it. It is better to claim love than ego. Now that you have the idea, live it. By giving love, you live in love.

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