is to overtake your peace of mind. Your peace of mind is meant to be inviolate. As it is, you let every Tom, Dick, and Harry overcome your peace. You let every trouble, trouble, any kind of headache you can think of, take over. Are you aware of this? Are you aware that you have been specializing in disturbance?

Of course, you believe that assaults on your peace come from outside you, when it is you who holds the gun. It is you who warns yourself: "Trouble coming. Trouble has arrived. You have a snag in your stocking. Pull out the of emergency support. Stop this assault even after it has occurred. Worry it to death."

It is as if you barricade yourself from trouble by focusing on it. You chew the bone of contention until you are ragged. Oh, your car won't start, and your car's not starting becomes the takeover of the century. It is one thing that your car doesn't start. It is another that makes it a tragedy and the winner of your peace.

You are the aggravator, not the car. The car is one thing. It is a humble event. It is you who makes it the worst predicament you have ever been in since the last one you exaggerated. Make it the last.

Nothing is to ruffle you. Nothing is to disturb your peace. Your car's breaking down, no how huge it seems to you at the moment, is a little trickle in your life. It is not a wound. It is not monumental. Cars break down. Your computer won't start. Your ice cream cone drops. Where is your balance in life? It is not life that gets out of . It is you. It is you who makes little things big.

Reduce little things to size. The little things that you make big are little branches. Let them float downstream on the river of life. You are not to carry them on your back.

Be impartial about niggling events. Little events are not meant to be made big events. If peace is the foundation of your life, why do you shake your very foundation?

If peace were a room you live in, you have cluttered your room with an accumulation of socks with holes in them until you may even believe that socks are out to get you. No more throwing socks on your floor, beloveds. No more clutter of what is nothing at all.

Is aggravation more important to you than peace? Do you value aggravation more? It must be that you do, or you would not favor it so. You would not favor it over peace at all. Keep the peace, beloveds. Be vigilant about peace. Lay down your arms. Untense your heart. Declare peace your modus operandi. Declare peace, and never deviate from it. Peace is always at hand. It is always available to you. Choose it. Let go of what is not peace. Choose peace. Peace is rightfully yours.

Aggravation is your own invention. Imagine something else.

Imagine a polar bear lolling in the snow. Be a lumbering polar bear.

Imagine a puppy who plays. Forsake obstacles. Leap over them. Get to the other side. Be a playful puppy.

Imagine a child of God. That's who you are. Don't be a wraith. Bet on yourself. Bet on life. You are not in a high-stakes' game. You are in a little game. It is not so serious as you have thought.

Be of good cheer. No matter what gets in your way, be of good cheer.

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