God said:

When you think you have nowhere to , to Me. When you have a dozen places to , still to Me. I never want you to go through that which you call suffering. I don't want you to go through suffering of any dimension. When you are going through what you go through, whether big or little, your suffering hurts the same. Why suffer? I am not called the Great Comforter for nothing. to Me. not aside from Me. Do not throw up your hands.

Have recourse in Me. Give Me a chance to ease your . Your is not meant for aching. Your is meant for enjoining and enjoying. Join with Me. Pledge allegiance to Me. Choose Me over suffering any day. Choose Me. Choose Me now.

There is no point to your suffering. It is an indulgence, beloveds. It is self-indulgence. Get up from the bed of nails you have lain down on. Sit up straight. Stand up. Move away from self-torment. You have been throwing hot coals at your feet. You have been slowing yourself down. You have been entrapping yourself in hot tar. You have been burning your heart. You could be loving yourself instead.

Arise. Do somersaults. Leap. Leap out of the past and make way for now. A moment ago is the past. Unfetter yourself from the past of even a moment ago. Do not bang your head against the wall. Move away from futility. Become a resource to yourself. Be a resource to Me.

You can rely on Me. I would also like to rely on you. I would like you to work for Me. Can you give up yourself for a little while, and serve Me with happiness? Your suffering serves no one. Your frustration serves no one. And I ask you to serve Me. Think of Me. Serve yourself some solace.

When attention on an aspect of your life causes you discomfort, unhappiness, hopelessness, and so on, note that it is your attention. There are better places to put your attention. Take your attention off what is ailing you. Remove your attention. Climb another step. Look out from a different window. Find another view. Give up .

When you don't like a street you walk down, choose another street. If one street is marked Suffering, and another is marked Forget About Yourself for a While, which street do you choose? What avenue of life are you going to stay on? Is it not your choice?

Come to Me. At the very least, come to Me. Open your heart to Me. You have opened your heart wide to woe and trouble. Is it so hard to open your heart to Me? Is it so hard to lay down your troubles and sit with Me? We will have a sip of tea for a while. Not only will you forget your troubles, they will no longer exist. When you are no longer troubled, where are your troubles? They only exist as you say so. This and that may have happened, yet they are not to plague you. You have been plaguing yourself. You have been the trouble-maker. It is you who has sorted events in life and put them in a slot named Trouble. Put troubles aside. Do not claim them. Leave them off your list. Just let them go.

You have Me. Whatever else transpires in the world, you have Me. What can the matter be, for I am with you. I hold your hand and I lead you to . Don't look back. Look at Me. I am holding you in love. Stay with Me. Wander not from Me. I will keep you on an even keel, for you are My .

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