God said:

Imagine what it would be like if you were in Heaven today. Your heart would be light. Fear would be unknown to you.

When you are All That There Is, what can consume you?

At present, as you imagine yourself on , your thoughts consume you. In Heaven, your thoughts would be quite different. Love would be all-consuming. You might not have thoughts at all. You would have your heart bursting with light, and the light from you would leave no room for the random thoughts that presently make up your life.

You would be occupied with love. Not really occupied as you understand occupation. Let Us call occupation fulfillment. Yes, fulfillment is closer to the actuality. You would be in a state of infinite fulfillment. In Heaven, you yourself would be the fruition of all that you have dreamed of on Earth.

Earth has been a landing pad. Earth has been a preparation for Heaven, strange as that may seem. Heaven needs no preparation, and yet you prepare for it. Your desires prepare you. At the same time, nothing can prepare you for Heaven. Heaven is beyond anything you could think of.

In Heaven you enter a circle of love which is so binding that it sets you free. You are free now, only you have kept yourself in bondage to the world of events. On Earth you are preoccupied. Here comes the mind again with all its booming thoughts, sweeping the rug from under you, sweeping you into the brush, sweeping you right and left, back and forth, turning you every which way, even turning you against yourself rather than in favor of yourself.

It is like Earth is the gym you go to, exercise in, over-exercise in, for you believe that strenuous exercise is the key to life. If the Earth is a gym, what exactly are you training for?

Make Earth a spa instead. Rest. Rejuvenate on Earth. Make it a vacation on a gentle beach. Watch the waves. Ride them. Lie in the sun. Remark that this isle is to warm you up. Earth is a resting place rather than a fitful training ground.

Beloveds, Earth can be anything you want. Unless you know that, then you have allowed your Earth life to go by default. What if, instead of thinking as you presently do, you thought that Earth was Paradise? What if you couldn't read so well as you do and you misread the name of where you are. What a good slip.

What if your life, instead of being a novel called the Rough Seas, what if your life is a novel called the ?

What if you are a child in , and Earth is the recess where you play in the schoolyard?

What if life on Earth is the playground that is meant for fun? What if all you know about Earth is that it is a playground? What if you thought differently from how you presently think?

What if life on Earth is a rehearsal for Heaven? What if life on Earth is a preponderance of joy? What if joy is your reason for being on this isle of Earth?

What if on Earth you are not only flesh and blood? What if you are the spirit of love? What if there is no space to float in and no time to do it in. Is the turtle its shell? Are you only your physicalness? You know better. You know there is a to you. Live in , beloveds. You are encased in nothing smaller than except as you have thought.

Wherever you happen to be hanging out for the present, you are Vastness. Vastness cannot be smallness, and you are Vastness.

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