God said:

You are a rich tapestry. You weave in and out. You are not just one way. You are many ways. You are more than meets the eye. In the relative world, there is always more to find out and to find out about yourself. You find out more about yourself when you are alone, and you find out more about yourself when you are with others.

In life in the world, you find out more and more about yourself and what you find is not always what you would like to find. This is one aspect of being a human being on Earth. Certainly, you grow without looking, and sometimes life has to point something out to you from which you grow further.

It is not always easy for you to see room for growth within yourself and still love yourself. Love yourself then for growing. Love yourself for expanding beyond earlier limits. Love yourself that you are growing closer and closer to Me. Little by little, you come closer to Me, and sometimes all at once. Fast or slow, simply be glad that you are coming closer to Me. You can't race to Me by your volition, and yet, sometimes, you seem to speed to Me. Sometimes it is easy, and sometimes it is hard. Your progress toward Me is available always, for I am a magnet that pulls you.

In life in the world, too, you are drawn to those with . You are drawn even when it is not always clear what is. And there have been times when you were drawn to those with a lesser . Some of what you spend your time on is where you used to be and not where you are now. I do want you to rise higher.

It is a good idea to desire to rise high and to leave behind all that holds you back from rising high. The best is yet to come.

Consider that in life you are taking flight instruction. You sit in the cockpit. You observe, and you learn. You learn to fly higher. You learn to fly solo. In every moment on Earth, you are learning, learning, learning. And also you yearn. Perhaps these are two steps of progress. Yearn and learn.

Without desire, what is the impetus for you to move forward? What is the impetus for you to learn to fly? And to come fly with Me.

You are finding a way in the world to appreciate yourself at the same time as you leap higher. How do you see yourself, see room for growth, and still know what a beautiful being you are. Perhaps you are beautiful because you have room to grow.

It takes courage to be a human being on Earth. It takes courage to see ways to grow and still know that you are a perfect human being as you are, just as you are, perhaps unshaven, perhaps in an old bathrobe, perhaps twiddling your thumbs. You are assembling yourself. Give yourself credit.

To love yourself means to love yourself. To love others is to love yourself. And when you cannot love another, wish them well on their journey and love them from afar.

Part of letting go in life is letting go of people who are not uplifting for you and you do not feel good to be around them. Consider this as an allergy. Do not make a big thing of it, and yet love yourself and, when you must, stay away from what makes you sneeze.

So life on Earth is full of hellos and full of goodbyes. Life is full of everything.

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