God said:

I say, "Come to Me," even as I know you are here with Me. This is what a God does. He holds you in His arms and says, "Come to Me." And sometimes He says, "Stay here with Me." Sometimes He says, "Be with Me for a long time in a land of no time." Sometimes He says, "You are with Me forever."

He says, "There is no possibility of ." And that is the whole story. There is no , and nothing really happens. Being is, yet it doesn't happen. It simply is. as you live it on is a series of non-happenings that seem to be happening. This is your experience. Something is happening even as nothing is happening. How you favor experiences, those you want, that is.

Desire is a bridge you build from thought to so-called actualization. From one version of thought to another. From one electrical sparking in your nervous system to another. From one leap to another. There is desire, and yet there is no bridge, and yet your thoughts reach everywhere and program themselves.

You are like a turtle of Earth. You carry the Earth like the shell on your back. You don't know who you are or what you are doing. The doing you do is nothing at all. You think it is doing, and that is enough, to think it. You are not apparatus. You are a concept you draw a picture of.

A parade passes before you, and you imagine you are in the parade. The whole of is a parade. One brigade follows another. Like elephants who hold the tail of the elephant before them, you walk back and forth and feel tremendous excitement.

There are no days, yet every day is a day. There is no time-off from . There are only holidays, one after the other. Days are for busy-ness. is a supposition.

Alive on Earth, you live. You live in a maelstrom of life. It is quite a dance how you go in and out and up and down and hold on to nothingness as if it were yours and your purpose. You mine for gold everywhere. Gold is everywhere, although you allow yourself to find it in only certain designated places. You pounce on gold as though you were hungry and gold a meal.

You can't buy anything. You can only earn it. You deserve everything good whether you have earned it or not. You can transmute tin into gold. You can whirl the Universe with your thoughts and fling it every which way. You can catch the stars and spin them. You can warm yourself in the sun while you are on Earth. There isn't anything you can't do, and less that you haven't.

You are a miraculous sleeping Being on Earth.

Silently you wake up. You behold yourself and finally you say, as you have heard Me say, "How beautiful." You say, "How beautiful am I whom God has made, for God made me to serve the world. It is just sinking into me that God made me to make beautiful the world. I am just figuring this out. I am waking up to that thought that God put me here for a reason, and I am finding out that reason, not for my satisfaction but so that I may serve God to the highest and fullest, replete with love. I am God's desire. I just decided this. I just decided to accept this.

"And so I have come to You, God. I would sit at Your feet. You raise me up to sit beside You as though You favor me. You do favor me, even as I know you favor all. It is my happiness to be at Your ."

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