God said:

What is it exactly that you let distract you from Me? Must you? Must you allow interference?

Consider for a moment what I offer you. Why would you let anything disturb your of Our Union? We are so close. Let Me surround you in your and let this circle of My Presence deflect anything in the world that would unsettle you.

Really, can worry of one sort or another, take My place? Must you allow worry to set Me aside? Of course, it is illusion that I can be set aside. I suggest that you acknowledge the Reality of Our Oneness and let nothing in your imagination put Us asunder.

In My Silence, what loud noise can disturb Me? In Our Meeting, what can disturb Us? If something does come between Us, then it must be you who allows it. I would not.

A loud noise, inner or outer, seemingly takes your awareness away from Me. You forget about Me momentarily, and you believe in something else. You let something come before Me. You let something take away the Eternity of Our Oneness. You let something lift you out of My arms. You let something jar you. It may be a boulder of old thought. It may be a thunderbolt.

How is it that you can let anything startle you out of your remembrance of Me? What can compare to Me? It is like you accept dimes in lieu of Golden Moments with Me. You cheat yourself. You let something intervene. You let fear intervene, or excitement intervene.

What we have is a precious . It is eternally My to you. Of course, it is a to Me as well.

Do not lay the gift of Myself down somewhere and then forget where you left it. Do not get out of the comfortable seat beside Me, within My heart. When you leave, I go with you, and yet I am absent in your awareness. Be aware of Me. Stay awake with Me. Remember Me. Remember you.

Awake in Me, do not forget Our Oneness. Do not forget from when you came. Remember your lineage. It is a noble lineage. You are descended from Me. Believe in your spiritual DNA more than in the limits of your physical DNA. Your spiritual DNA is more like it. Your spiritual DNA is also embedded in your physical spiraling helix. It has always been so.

The Silent Stillness always exceeds the physical representation.

Beloveds, what more can you gain than My Presence? When you come down to it, is there something more? Only in your imagination, and why would you imagine anything greater than I? I Who made you, what can be greater than I? I say this in all humility. I stick to the Truth.

There must be something that fools you. What has fooled you, and what are you fooled about? I am no fool. What makes you think that you are to be deceived? And not only deceived once but again and again as though being fooled is somehow your duty. You have free will. You have the freedom to be with Me always in Truth and in your perception.

Honor Me with your presence. Stand tall at My side. We are beholden to love, and, yet even love, is not to presume that We, you and I, are anything but Love Supreme. Of course, love is not snobbish. Love welcomes all, and loving all does not leave Me out. Let Me in. Let Me stay with you forever, or, at least, a while.

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