God said:

You do not have to mourn a passing love. It is a that is passing. How fortunate you are to once have had that in your . You had the dream vibrant in your . You had the dream circulating in your . The dream was passed to you even if it were only for a while. In the world, love comes and love goes. Be glad for love given and love received. Cherish every moment of it, and if a loved one seems to have passed you on his way out, let the love stay in your . Keep the love. Why deny your love because someone is travelling another road?

The path of love weaves as it weaves. The world itself is a passing fancy. There is no map to it. There is nothing that must be.

If a loved one has passed you by for any or no , the love in your heart does not have to be removed. Keep the love, yet do not carry a torch. You are free to continue love. Treasure all love that was given to you, no matter how long or short it was given. Would you hold it against someone for having loved you? Let the loved one go. Keep the love in your heart without holding on to the lover.

When you love a rose, even though the rose is a passing thing, kiss the now faded rose goodbye. It is this way in . A rose is not meant to stay in bloom. You do not blame the rose for being a rose. You had the moments of the rose. The rose gave you all it had to give. It loved you. You cannot say that the love did not love you back. You cannot say that the rose was supposed to stay longer. You cannot say that a loved one is always to stay in love with you any more than you can say that a rose must stay in bloom. I know you want that rose, and it seems that no other rose can do. That was your rose. Kiss that rose goodbye.

Everything in the world is fleeting, didn't you know that? One way or another, a loved one will leave. Or you will leave. What is the difference? Because a loved one leaves, you do not have to oust the love in your heart. The sun rises and the sun sets. The sun is wonderful anyway. The sun has not betrayed you.

Because a baby does not stay a baby forever, your heart does not fall away. How grateful you are to have had your precious fleeting time with your baby. Must you be sad because a baby has grown or a bird of love has taken wing?

Who can stem the tide of life or the seasons of love? Is there someone to blame that there are seasons? There is spring, and there is autumn. There is summer, and there is winter. And yet winter is a blessed preparation for the flowering of spring and summer. One season follows another. You have no choice but to let the seasons depart as they will.

Who says your heart has to break? Where is it written that you are to take your heart and break it in two as you would a stick for kindling? No one breaks your heart. You are the only one who can break your heart. What makes you think you have to? It is not a good idea to break your heart. Keep your heart intact. See how big your heart is. See how it encompasses all the love in the world and in too.

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