God said:

Who can change the direction of the wind? And, yet, you would go back and change it. You would, if you could. You would undo some of your life experience, and you would add other experiences in their place, and then what would you have, ? You would make of life a collage, and you would keep changing your mind as to what should be kept and what should be moved around. You would rearrange life. You would unmake life.

You would unmake the bed you have lain in. You would pause a movie reel. You would run it in reverse. You would botch it. You would wake the dead. This is not life you would be making. Take away anything, and you have taken away life.

Never mind what you wanted or didn't want. Having what you want the way you want is not the meaning of your life.

Nor is the purpose of your life to suffer, so do not hold on to suffering. Let life be as it is, and go on with it differently. Be of good cheer. Beloveds, how do you know that what was hurled at your and so wounded it was not really a bouquet of flowers? You felt the thud. You thought it was a hard baseball thrown on you, and so you suffered. Even the most tumultuous matters in your , all your struggles there, are really buckets of posies. Flower after flower has reached you, and you thought you had knife wounds. Think anew.

Even heartbreak is a blessing to you. You refuse to believe that. You can't believe that. Believe then, if not a blessing to you, a blessing to another. You weep for the loss of a loved one when your loved one was blessed to come to Me and leave the body behind. And you would restore the loved one to life if you could.

It might help you to remind yourself that there is no cause and effect. This is just Is-ness.

Each has his or her own book. You have yours. It's better that each read the chapters that are his to read. You cannot flip the pages of others' books for them. You have to hold your book right side up and let it be as it is written. And, so, you bless everyone on his way, even when it means going another way at the crossroads. Bless yourself on your way as well.

When you come to a crossroads, you cross it. There is no choosing that precise road twice. You cannot go back in space or time. You can only go forward.

Whatever befalls, it is a treasure of life that has befallen. No longer be a tragedian.

What do you think would happen if you knew, really knew, that everything in life that befalls is a blessing? What would happen is that, soon enough, what you perceive as blessings, well, more of them would befall you.

What is it you want? Dwell in the house of what you want. Get out of that maze that tells you that you made a wrong turn. every drop of life, and relish it.

When you are thirsty, drink. Drink at the well of life. And when you are heavy-hearted, drink at the well. Have gladness in your heart, for you are living life. You have life. You are an experiencer of life in the world.

You know it is illusion that you have been hit with a ton of bricks. Where are the bricks that assaulted you? They are not to be seen. You know it is illusion that you have been hit with a Mack truck. Where is the truck that hit you? It is illusion that you have been hit with.

If life were a language, you are simply not reading it right. You haven't understood it. Beloveds, you are taking a crash course in the language of life. You don't have to understand every word of your life. You just have to live it. You are learning the language of life.

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