God said:

There is nothing you are dependent upon except for Me, and on Me you can depend. You may not think you can depend on Me because your heart has been hurt by this and that. Think again. Think again. I am always by your side. I never leave you. Please don't take events in the world as signs of My favor or disfavor. You are greater than all the events in the world. Love is greater, and I am Love. You are too. Too often you forget it. You tend to have a lesser picture of yourself. Of course, you do, or you would find greater joy in life.

You would not make so much of things. You would not be so elated, nor would you be so crestfallen. You would not depend upon all that you presently depend upon. You would rely less on expectations. You would have them, yet your happiness would not depend upon them so much.

Must you suffer? I say not. I say that suffering is of your choosing. I say that if you can make suffering, you can undo it. You don't have to take suffering at value. Suffering is not a little thing, yet you have made too much of it. You may have been carrying suffering like a flag. You may like the scars you carry. You may consider them a worthy collection of scalps.

You will not like to hear this, yet suffering is an indulgence. It is like sucking your thumb. It is feeling sorry for yourself. Suffering is going on a rampage of sorts. It is anger with a pretty face put on it. Suffering tells you that you are a victim of circumstance.

Look, when you cross a river, you come out the other side. You are you no which side of the river you are on. When you forge a river of rough going and call it suffering, you are still you. On the other side of the river, when you are less attached to the suffering river, you are still you. Before or after suffering, you are you.

There is no for sadder but wiser. There is no for you to venture into the river of suffering. Do you really have to cross it? There is an end to suffering. You do get over it, or, mostly over it. Well, then, get over it now.

For 's sakes, you have suffered before an event, and during and after, and even long after. Let go of suffering now. It doesn't become you. No matter how weighty the event that seemingly caused your suffering, remove it. Take off that cloak of suffering. Suffering is no longer a game for you to play.

Of course, suffering has made you take stock. All suffering is self-imposed. You don't have to be a tragedian. Not at all. You are more valuable than suffering. Be done with it. Your life is not dependent upon it. Make other choices.

You may feel abandoned. Okay, and now it is for you to abandon suffering. You have been disavowed. Okay, you have been disavowed. You have been forsaken. Okay, you have been forsaken. Now stop beating yourself up about it. You have been abandoning, disavowing, and forsaking yourself. Do not put stickers on yourself like abandoned, disavowed, forsaken. Abandon these stickers of vocabulary. Pull them off. Put on new stickers. I offer you a few:

"I am beautiful. God loves me. I am mighty. I am light. I am God's beautiful child. I am love. I am loved. I am invincible."

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