15 September 2011


Welcome beloveds, it is our honour to communicate with and support ALL at this time. Many are falling into around the fear that has been promoted within the media concerning the “days of darkness” and we wish to around this and other ways of teaching by illusion through the media. We are here not to instruct and that we wish noted, it is never our intention to state and expect humans to follow our words, for that is not UNITY nor is it wholeness. We come to and support and ask that ALL our words and guidance is processed by each of YOU through the .

The media is the main tool of illusion and we note that many will not process the words spoken by the media at the levels that they need to be processed. As the human life experience evolves for each one of YOU then YOU may FEEL that everything around YOU no longer exists and that dear ones is part of the process. For too long humankind has been kept contained and suppressed, the illusion seeks at all times to re-inforce that which many human BEings are not questioning. We note the authority that the media teaches with across the planet and how human BEings still deeply asleep will seek to re-inforce that authority. We wish to question how a can become an authority? Why is it that news bulletins, newspapers and articles etc are given such high regard without question by those human BEings who interact with said media? When did the media which was created for become such a destructive power in human society? Why do many humans take the words of the media for TRUTH without first processing this TRUTH through their heart? These are questions to be taken into the silence dear ones.

We are not here to judge for judgement is separation and the teaching of illusion, we guide to draw YOUr attention to that which illusion seeks to hide in plain view of YOUr vision. The confusion and frustration that grips many across the planet is fuelled by the illusion of FEAR and we wish to guide on this fear and how it can control the human life experience if not weeded out and replaced by the LOVE that IS.

We draw attention to the FEAR not to provoke FEAR within YOU but to make YOU aware of the use of FEAR within the illusion and its teachings. To ignore the FEAR will give it a hiding place dear ones, many, many human BEings who walk in the role of across the planet do not accept FEAR, they focus on LOVE which is commendable, but we guide ALL to look at the levels of FEAR within, it is only by acknowledging that they exist within YOU that YOU can work to weed them out. For illusion will seek to pull YOU down in vibration by drawing YOU away from the FEAR that is within. This is done deliberately to invoke the FEAR, for a FEAR that is not looked at GROWS. Many of YOU are aware of the phrase “the FEAR is bigger than the actual doing”. We guide YOU strongly to look at this scenario. Many human BEings find themselves in a situation where FEAR pops up, rather than move through this FEAR they try to suppress it, that FEAR then grows, so the next time the FEAR rises up it is bigger than it was before. It is often only in the doing of what the FEAR is that the human BEing realises it was all in their mind and they are amazed they have overcome their FEAR.

Dear ones please process this scenario through YOUr heart. Do YOU see how illusion will seek to deepen the FEAR that YOU have but leading YOU away from looking at it. For if YOU were to investigate it and to really look at it, YOU will see that it is illusion and has NO hold over YOU. Illusion will seek to keep this TRUTH from YOU at all times. Please dear ones, go within to the silence and process this TRUTH.

The media that is operating across the planet is fuelled by those who interact with it. This is also a TRUTH dear ones and is linked in with the dreaming that human BEings do in their dreamtime. For many the FEAR is held deep within, that FEAR is taken out and worked through by the human mind in dreams. For it is the processing of the day that is done when YOUr body rests and the mind begins to process the information of the day. Much of this information dear ones is not obvious to YOU. For many human BEings absorb information and teachings on a subconscious level, this again is done to keep YOU contained and suppressed. For those who are not aware, for those deeply asleep the teachings of illusion are worked out by the mind when they sleep. For those humans dreamtime is a place of nightmares, this fuels the around and within them and lowers the vibration of human BEing. Be aware of this dear ones and detach, process information through the heart. Take time out of YOUr day to go into meditation, to question from within the information that has been absorbed during the day. To miss out this step, to absorb without question will see YOUr vibration waiver and perhaps lower and illusion will seek to control the dreamstate as well as the “waking” state. Do YOU understand our analogy dear ones?

The dream is the creation of the human life experience, would YOU allow another human BEing to enter into YOUr mind when YOU sleep and distort the dream YOU dream? Illusion does this daily dear ones, be aware and weed out the FEAR. Take the FEAR that YOU can accept and look at it, become the observer and watch the reactions that YOU have to it. Then question it, for the human life experience is not one of FEAR and containment but illusion will teach YOU that it is. If YOUr life experience contains FEAR then illusion has entered into YOUr dream and altered it. Take the power that is YOU back dear ones and weed out the seeds planted by illusion. To hold the power of YOU within every cell of YOUr being, every part of YOUr dream will see the LOVE that IS pour through YOUr human life experience and this will make it impossible for the seeds to grow within.

Accept more light and more LOVE dear ones, it is available to YOU at all times, illusion will seek to pull YOU away from it, will seek to teach that LOVE does not exist but it is found deep within each and every human BEing alive on the planet, it was seeded within YOU on incarnation, it is found within the heart.

Many energies are sweeping across the planet and many are falling into illusion as that which they recognised as familiar leaves and is replaced with that which is TRUTH. As YOU seek to continue to define the chaos will intensify. We watch as many humans once more begin to seek to define who they are by what they have and what they do. This is the teaching of illusion dear ones. For how can YOU expand if you do not allow YOUrself to grow? For many the voyage to ascension is one filled with excitement as the LOVE that IS pours through them. By anchoring in the LOVE that IS a new sense of balance is found and FELT within. It is this balance that each seeks to maintain. It is through letting go of definitions, of the need to know everything beforehand that will maintain this balance. For to work out the human life experience and map it out involves the mind which will lead YOU away from the heart. We watch as many human BEings strive to map out their future, be aware dear ones that this will take YOU out of the moment where YOUr true power lies and will lead YOU into the illusion.

The power that is YOU exists NOW in this present moment. It is not to be found in the “past” or the “future”. Let go of the teaching of illusion that seeks to tell YOU that safety is in planning. Of having a “plan B”, that is a phrase plucked from the mind of our channel. Be aware this is mind life experience and not heart, for the heart does not need a “plan B” for it KNOWS. Be aware and detach from this teaching of illusion. YOU do not need all the answers for that is mind centred life experience. YOU came here to live the human life experience and to FEEL the experience, that is processed through the heart and not the mind. Let YOUr heart guide YOU on this YOUr life experience. FEEL the emotions and wonder in the unique BEing that is YOU.

We are the and we come to guide and support ALL during this process of what is termed ascension. It is a process that was always to BE for YOU were always to expand and grow dear ones, KNOW this. We can be contacted within dear ones, simply go within and ask to connect to us and we will respond. Each and every one of YOU across the planet has access to ALL realms which are here to guide and support at this time. Human BEings were never to walk alone for ALL ARE ONE.

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