17 September 2011


Welcome beloveds we come to communicate with ALL to help and support at this time of vast change. We appreciate that for some humans across the planet the past few weeks have been trying and that many are now seeing levels of frustration within their very BEing once more rising. We that for many this frustration is building, feeding on itself and as it does this frustration clouds the of those who experience it. Know that this is done by illusion to move YOU away from the knowledge that YOU have stored within YOUr very BEing, for within each one of YOU across the planet YOU have the knowledge within that YOU need to move into .

Illusion teaches that same is the order of the day, many are playing with dreaming which we have guided upon yet the frustration is ever present, always at the edge of the vision. Many humans are locked into the teaching of “instant” and it is this teaching that will see many lower their vibration and give up on the edge of the coming into . We guide strongly dear ones that where YOU have found YOUr dream do not allow illusion to persuade YOU that the dream is not worthy, that the dream will not be created for illusion will teach and use the smoke and mirrors it so often uses in other teachings. The “instant” gratification that has been perpetrated across the planet is seeking to move many away from the dreams that they are creating. For the universe always answers the call of the dream dear ones, the call of the dream is created within the human BEing, it is worked out and it energised by that human BEing, worry, anxiety, disbelief will all seek to lower the volume poured into and through the dream that will see the of it. Many humans are laying conditions and using mind centred , all the while trying to maintain “control” over the dream, know that by doing this it limits and contains the dream dear ones, illusion seeks to teach that none are worthy of the dream they hold dear and will seek to teach that none are deserving.

We are here to guide most strongly dear ones that “deserving” and “worthy” play no part in the creation of dreams, the universe does not takes sides dear ones, that is illusion and duality, that will see YOU lower the dream, to seek to contain it for YOUrselves believing that YOU are not worth the dream. Look at this scenario and take it into the silence, why would YOU not be worthy? Who sits in judgement of YOUr dream? Why would YOU not think that YOU can achieve the dream that YOU have in YOUr ? Ask these questions in the silence and listen closely for the answer. For ALL are able to manifest the dream that is contained within, know this dear ones, illusion will seek to separate YOU from the power that is YOU to prevent the creation of the dream. For creation of dreams seeks to expand and grow the human energy system, for to realise a dream is to FEEL that dream, to realise that what illusion teaches is smoke and mirrors.

We guide ALL who hold a dream to detach from illusion and to solidify the dream from within. Where YOU find resistance YOU find the seeds of illusion, look for them, watch them, then weed them out and pour the LOVE that IS through it all. For in TRUTH there is nothing that stops a human BEing achieving what they have set their heart on, illusion seeks to show that dreams are not real and we seek to guide that they are. Process our words through the heart dear ones, for words can be used in various ways and we are not here to prove anything to YOU, we are not here to lead, we are here to support and show how illusion works. For YOU to grasp illusion and detach from its teachings YOU must process ALL that is presented to YOU from whatever source and go within. The heart will show YOU TRUTH.

Too many humans across the planet are ready to give up, to resign the dream they have due to the smoke and mirrors of the illusion. The dream is not necessarily to be SEEN dear ones, it is to be FELT. For the mind cannot process emotion. If YOU do not pour energy into the dream, if YOU cannot imagine how it would FEEL then YOU are not connected through the heart to YOUr dream and illusion may steal it from YOU.

We fully acknowledge how difficult human life can be with the vast amount of information and instant access that is available through the latest technologies and we guide that many are choosing still to believe only their eyes and ears and not allowing the heart to show them TRUTH. There is no other way to navigate within illusion dear ones, for too long the human race has been bound by the very illusion that seeks to control and to manipulate the world. It is easy for humans to fall into illusion as they are seeded with doubt, this is a tool the illusion uses to stop the questioning by the human BEing. For to question, to ask, to process is the route out of illusion and into freedom.

It is relatively easy for us to guide that “YOU can be all YOU want to be”, for we are not in illusion, we can clearly see how illusion pulls the veils over the eyes and ears of human BEings, so we would ask why so many realms seek to guide and support if human life was only what is seen and heard by the senses that illusion allows YOU to use most often? Why would ALL realms be here guiding if there was not more to the world dear ones? Why would we ALL guide around illusion and the tricks that are used to contain and suppress the human BEing? Why would TRUTH resonate with any across the planet if it was not TRUTH?

We fully acknowledge the depth of illusion around certain subjects and the disbelief that arises within an awakening human, to realise and accept that illusion has lied and manipulated for so long is difficult for humans. We acknowledge this. To get angry, to get frustrated are all lower vibrations dear ones and one that illusion seeks to promote at all times. The way to move out of illusion is to raise the vibration not lower it. To accept and acknowledge the depth of the illusion is to accept that ALL can change, for it has been kept from ALL of YOU for a reason, that reason is to keep YOU contained and in lower vibration. Move through this dear ones, allow the LOVE that IS to flow through YOU, work through the lower emotions and see them for what they are and how they contain. YOU are much, much more than YOU can at this vantage point accept or imagine.

It is only by experiencing TRUTH that YOU will find the way out dear ones, once more we guide that many read the words but do not allow the process of absorption to be moved through, that leaves the human BEing open to more illusion. Anything that YOU find yourself experiencing that is negative, that seeks to contain is illusion dear ones, acknowledge this but also detach from this. Human BEings are not defined, they cannot be, so where YOU find definition YOU find illusion. Do not seek to define YOURself for YOU dance with illusion. Many across the planet at this time are deep within fear and it is this fear that sees them trying to define themselves to feel secure. This is illusion dear ones, for all that happens is more FEAR. To dissolve FEAR YOU need to pour the LOVE that IS through YOUr very BEing. Strength and balance comes from within, it does not come from owning the latest TV or car. That is illusion seeking to promote strength and power through consumption. That is ego dear ones, ego will lead YOU straight back into illusion.

We do not guide for ALL to give up the possession of “things” for that is not our purpose. We guide for ALL to realise how illusion works to pull YOU back in through the promotion and absorption of “things”. Whilst YOUr mind is occupied with trying to work out how to afford the next luxury gadget YOUr mind is not in the present, YOU are not in the present, the power that YOU contain has been reduced and diluted. That is how illusion works to contain and suppress. Do you understand our words dear ones? Do you see how it is the race to get ahead, to have the latest that drains YOU of the power to create YOUr own dreams?
We guide for ALL to be aware of the smoke and mirrors used by illusion and to process ALL information through the heart. Have a daily check of reality, have a check of “what serves” frequently for many are rushing through the human life experience at ever increasing rates. Whilst YOU are frantically trying to “control” the life experience YOU are being seduced by the illusion for there is nothing that YOU cannot do or BE in this YOUr human life experience. Illusion will seek to teach that YOU need to control, we guide strongly that this is the wrong way around, for to have control over the human life experience is to step fully into the power of that human life experience, to BE in the present moment, to dream and to hold the creation of the dream within YOUr BEing, let none tell YOU that the dream that makes YOUr heart sing is not attainable for we guide strongly that it IS.

We are the and we support and guide ALL at this time. We are YOU and YOU are we for ALL ARE ONE. Connect to us at will for we answer ALL calls. We hold ALL in the LOVE that IS for ALL ARE the LOVE that IS.

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