23 September 2011


Welcome beloveds we come to communicate and to at this time of mass frustration and confusion across the . Many humans are now reacting to the energies that sweep the planet and we wish to guide further on how to step out of and frustration and how to hold on to TRUTH during the days of transition to NEW.

have been trained by illusion to expect the same, we have guided previously on this topic but we wish to guide further at this time as many are now seeking out “familiar&; and “routine&; as that which they once knew is being swept away. We guide strongly that this is a natural reaction to the energies as a race, which has been kept in the dark and kept contained, could not be expected to react any other way. Illusion is aware of this and plays on this at all times; we seek to guide YOU out of the frustration and to help YOU look through the illusion to find TRUTH.

Those who view the world through the eyes of a have a FEELing about the world, that FEEling is increasing as the energies work to cleanse and purify the human BEing, this is so that more light may be carried so that YOU may shine brighter than ever before. But with this process comes the shining of light on the seeds of fear. For many human BEings have darkness within them. We do not mean that in a negative way, anything that is not pure light is dark, it cannot be any other way. We guide further to avoid confusion as many are aware of the that mankind struggles to overcome. Light contains dark as well as light for there cannot be one without the other. Dark also contains light as again there cannot be one without the other. As YOU carry more light the dark within, the fears that YOU have, retreat to the darker parts of YOUr BEing, this is a natural part of the process and is to be aware of. So many who walk the path of an awakened human BEing may find that although they have raised their vibration and hold more light they are still being triggered by illusion, the seeds of fear are still there and when triggered the human BEing will wobble in vibration. This results in physical symptoms and also episodes of frustration and anger as the vibration seeks to stabilise but the human BEing has activated the seeds of fear so the stabilisation of the vibration is not smooth. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? It is vital that this is absorbed to help move YOU through this part of the process.

We note that many are still defending their TRUTH and we guide strongly to detach from this way of BEing. To defend is to be in illusion. As that which is “familiar” now feels different it can trigger the fear that many are in fear about, yes fear over fear. Many are triggered even by the word and retreat in the guidance offered around fear. Dear ones we guide strongly for YOU to accept that FEAR is part of YOUr make up so that YOU may take steps to detach and heal from it. Not reading about it, denying it , push FEAR further into the deepest parts of YOU. This will result in scenarios where YOU are in TRUTH but a comment or a word from another human BEing sees anger rise up within YOU or frustration. ALL negative emotions come from FEAR. Many human BEings shy away from looking at shadow but contained within the shadow of a human BEing is the potential that is YOU. For within YOUr shadow is the light that needs to shine brightly, for shadow is just a dimmer light. The process of ascension is to convert the shadow, the FEAR to the LOVE that IS so that YOU may step out of illusion and back into the power that is YOU.

Again we wish to guide strongly that many human BEings are still processing the human life experience through the mind, this will lead YOU further into frustration and chaos and human life will cease to make sense when processed by the mind. Already it is breaking down and many are in complete frustration and FEAR over this. Across the planet many are now falling deeply into the illusion of separation, FEARing that which is taking place and coming into creation, which is slowing down the creation of the new. We do not judge and we do not guide on the slowing down of the creation of the new to alarm or further distress YOU. We merely draw attention to the way that illusion works. It is not TRUTH to assume dear ones, and many assume, that teachings of awakening and teaching around ascension are built on TRUTH, we guide YOU to detach fully from this assumption. Illusion seeks to teach at ALL times, regardless of subject matter and much disinformation has been generated across the planet to co-incide with this time of “new”. It is the “new” that many are anxious about, we note the questions that form in the minds of human BEings “what will the new look like?”, “will I still exist in the same way?”, “what will happen to my family?”, these and many more questions will take YOU back into illusion. Why would ALL realms support and guide ALL at this time if YOU were to plunge into the nightmare that illusion creates for YOU? YOU are awakening from a nightmare that has seen the human race contained and suppressed. Many are still clinging onto the mindset of containment and suppression and we guide that this is illusion. STEP OUT of that illusion dear ones, allow the FEAR to dissolve when YOU pour the LOVE that IS through the human life experience.

What vision of the future do YOU carry inside of YOU? Stop for a few moments and let the question be absorbed, for the vision that YOU carry is the vision that YOU create from moment to moment. If that vision is tainted with the teachings of illusion then the vision will contain illusion, do YOU understand our analogy dear ones, do YOU clearly see the power that YOU have and that YOU are? For YOU control the human life experience that is YOU. We note that many are falling into FEAR around governments and money and we guide ALL to detach from these teachings of illusion. Abundance is for ALL, YOU are not at the mercy of the governments and their rules and regulations for YOU are more powerful than that. Whilst YOU are contained and suppressed by the teachings of illusion that seek to teach that governments control the money that YOU have in this human life time then YOU are in illusion.

It is the thought patterns create by FEAR, which is the teaching of illusion, which seeks to trap YOU in the mind games over money and power. TRUTH will show YOU that abundance is YOUr birthright. Connect with the heart and the LOVE that IS and see how the world around YOU changes. Many human BEings who are not awake will seek to keep YOU in the lower vibrations to teach YOU that money and power are controlled by outside influences, this is illusion dear ones and we guide most strongly to detach from this teaching. Whilst YOU believe the teaching of illusion YOU lower YOUr vibration and will contain and suppress the human life experience that YOU are having. Nowhere is it written that the human life experience is one of misery and trauma yet illusion has sought to teach this for hundreds and thousands of years. It spins the smoke and mirrors to make ALL believe that they cannot BE who they in TRUTH ARE. Allow our words to be absorbed dear ones, YOU already ARE what illusion teaches YOU cannot BE. If these words do not resonate then please take them into the silence and process them through the heart.

We guide ALL at this time for we can clearly see how illusion can trap the mind of a human BEing, that is why we at ALL times guide for ALL to be in the heart. For the heart cannot be trapped, it cannot be charmed into illusion for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. When YOU find yourself in high levels of frustration, where YOU find that anger presents itself then take a moment to rebalance, go into the silence within and ask to be shown where the seeds are planted and then pour the LOVE that IS through YOUr very BEing. For all frustration is illusion, ALL is perfect dear ones, YOU are where YOU were always meant to be for YOU create this YOUr human life experience. Do not fall into the mind games of illusion. Do not fall into the illusion of defence of self, for that comes from FEAR, which is the teaching of illusion.

If YOU FEEL that another attacks YOUr beliefs then it is being mirrored back to YOU but comes from within YOU. Do you understand our words? Human BEings work as mirrors to each other, so when YOU come across someone who triggers various emotions within YOU know that human BEing is the mirror to what is going on inside of YOU. Use the information to help weed out the seeds of fear that are growing within YOU. NO ONE can make YOU FEEL anything dear ones, YOU control YOUr emotions and if YOU FEEL that this is not possible then illusion is germinating seeds of fear from within.

LOVE is the answer to everything dear ones, for ALL ARE LOVE, ALL are surrounded by LOVE, illusion seeks to cloud YOUr vision, to show YOU scenarios that are but smoke and mirrors to keep TRUTH from being revealed. LOVE is what YOU search for at this time dear ones, for in TRUTH YOU search for YOU. Go within to find and to connect to the LOVE that IS for in the heart YOU will find YOU. We are the high council of orion and we guide ALL in LOVE for ALL ARE LOVE, ALL ARE ONE.

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