21 September 2011

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How is your practice of going within going? Is it as present in your daily life as you would like it to be? Is the practice "easy" or does it seem to constantly slip away from your fingers so to speak?

Inner does require time, and well… . We prefer the term "commitment". But as always, it is up to you, for you are the master of your own life. You shape it through your thoughts, words and actions.

There are as many ways of going within as there are people on this planet. You simply need to fin the one(s) that work(s) for you and commit to it – for yourself.

You see, nobody else will do it for you. The world as it is shaped by your society has little use for this kind of stuff, but the world as it is becoming does. Well, will be easier to understand, to accept, will make more sense if you take the time to go within.

Going inwards is vital in helping you see what is good/right for you. It is the cornerstone of your life in a way.

What you "see" during your inner work may trigger personal or life changes.

Then again, it may not. It is always up to you. It may feel right, feel true, but if you sense you are not yet ready to embrace that change fully, then wait.

Gentleness starts with the self. You know what is best for you after all. If you know applying X or Y will fail because there is too much going on in your life, then wait until you are grounded or centered or calm enough to do it.

While stalling or refusing to change something you know is damaging will only bring you more grief, it is perfectly acceptable to wait sometimes. For you may feel it is necessary to build a fire outside, but you know it is wiser to wait until the rain stops pouring down before you do.

If you are ready to allow, then the change will be even easier, feel even better when you apply it into your life – even if you wait. Blocking is another matter altogether.

You see, this new world requires a shift in . Yes, something you see or hear may trigger something in you, but you must make it your own and apply it into your life for it to stick. Going within is the glue that keeps everything together.

And you know, 5 minutes a day of going within with intent – a constant albeit short practice of being fully present – yields much more results, is much more conducive to transformation, to a shift in perception than spending hours or days engaging in a practice once in a while.

The reason is simple, if your being is not used to it, has to get reaccustomed to the state of inwardness, well you are there, but not present. Thinking about methods or techniques, how uncomfortable you are or how you should have gone to the washroom before starting.

Most of the time, shifts in perception, shifts in being are gradual. Like having a warm blanket gently wrapped around you. You must take the time to feel the softness, the warmth and be changed by it.

Yes, often you will have flashes, visions, like flipping on a switch, but you will somehow ease into the new you, the new habit or perception – testing it out, trying it on to see if it fits so to speak.

You may very well know that a bad habit should be changed. Inner work will not only clearly show you why things should be different, but how you can make it so. In a way, going within allows you to experience the transformation in the invisible realm before you put it in practice in this concrete world of yours.

Whatever you uncover or unveil through your inner work, compassion is key. You may discover in a that something is not working or must be stopped. Although sharp or swift action is required, it should be done gently.

Do what needs to be be done with compassion, with . you want to avoid putting yourself or others in a complete state of shock. Anything new or unexpected is sure to have an element of surprise, yet the element of shock is optional if you will. For you see, there is big a difference between surprise and shock.

Radical or drastic measures – like quitting your job or changing location on a whim – is very much like removing a limb without anesthetics. Why would you want to subject yourself or others to that? How can you do that while living from the heart?

Many things, many truths reveal themselves as you go inwards. Always check the source, make sure it feels right and be mindful of the timing.

The shift, the transition is occurring as We speak. A lot of it is slow moving, gradual, but yes, there are "contractions".

Inner work – going within, meditating, quieting the mind and the heart – will help you ease into the transition, uncover your own wisdom and knowing, help you shine brighter than you ever thought possible, and see that the shift, that all time is now.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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