5 September 2011


, I am .

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you Lightworkers as the name says it all at present as indeed you are all working well in the light which has alleviated a lot of , hurt & suffering.

Miracles are created eveery moment, however you must realise how much of a miracle you are, just by choosing to be alive at this point in time. Sure there are the struggles and pain at times but at the outcome is usually more closeness, more at Oneness when the worst is present and over with, there you are holding your hand out to each other, such a wonderful gift, the Friendship, comradeship is such a positive vibration it lights up the heavens, brighter than any star you could search for. This is your year to complete releasing of all that no longer serves the highest good within and around you, yes this means any relationship that is not of the same light vibration you possess, it will only hold you back if it remains, as long as you know deep within your that the learning has ceased between you, its not a judgment but an acceptance on how things are, being both your true selves.

Remember regarding judgment, think how irritations are the oyster's Pearl.

No emotion must ever be resisted but welcomed. If it does not add value to life, if it is of destructuve energy, it will never manifest once it is embraced as equally valid, therefore unified. Resisting or, or judging it as less value than any other part of life shall always result in the experience of that which is feared, suppressed or despised.

I wish to remind you that the best relationship you need to have is first with YOU, then you will draw towards yourself only more perfection as you realise the perfection within already exists, look into your which created the Journey you are now on.

Yes, your emotions and Mother are connected and that is why feelings come to the surface which is magical to know such Oneness, you cannot want Oneness and not feel as our Mother feels so go with it and allow whichever surfaces instead of holding it within your cells, celebrate this Oneness!

The Sun is life giving and the Moon allows you to let go, do some weeding of your garden within, release what no longer serves you to create the space of newness in your life.

nurturing is of great importance, being gentle with , giving to yourself as much love as you send to , you are experiencing these intense energies that are dispersed because of your Love & Prayers yes, you as Lightworkers are creating the calming of that which needs calming and Peace giving. Affirm within just after this , "I release the pain of…………" and exhale thoroughly three times. Then affirm "I am safe & all is well"…………… and exhale three times. "My heart is open to receiving all the blessings that my body, mind & spirit & Soul needs" three times holding your hand on your heart and visualising a pale pink rose opening the petals gently to embrace the Love You are extending to You!

are experiencing the Oneness that many of you have spent a lifetime to experience plus they have an accute sense of intuition that shows in their every day experiences, sometimes, actually many times you as adults will find yourself learning from them.

Release all fear regarding what some may call end times and know it is beginning times with a massive cleansing process which obviously will bring changes and those changes will be all of a positive nature and Predictors of doom and gloom will be running short of customers listening to them because all those are connected to the Altered Ego, not to the I AM God Presence.

The Changes are in progress already & evident that can be seen with every eruption such as every earthquake, hurricane, Flood etc however to speak of the forthcoming transition is a bit like explaining to the Caterpillar the state of being a Butterfly.

There is much information being downloaded by your Star Brothers & Sisters to Souls on the Earth plane with clear visions and receptivity.

The visions being shown is quite staggering as the entire Earth's biosphere will be a glow and human bodies will glow with the radiance of their aura. There will not be a dark place on & in the entire Earth, not even a shadow, as all is bathed in the radiance of the Light of the Spirit. Every living thing, Man, animal & plant kingdom will be luminous in it's own Auric Field.

It is the end of duality, of day & night, the end of Polarity altogether. The Sun will keep shining, the Earth still rotating, all the radiance will outshine even the brightest stars.

There will a marriage of Light & Dark, of Heaven with Earth & our Real Self enters the physical realm in its fullest, so in a very real sense you will be there for the first time, your rebith.

Time as such ceases to be which applies ageing is not possible with Diseases being a dream of the past.

AS you expand into the next dimension many other Planets & Celestial Bodies will merge and every living thing will be Blessed by such a merge, even the animals will lose their aggression and all will be in harmony with each other. You will not lose awareness of the physical however you will expand your awareness to the etheric and consciousness becomes enlarged to the extent of encompassing the next dimension, a joining of the dimensions bringing with it a joy so thrilling to those who can comprehend such implication realising an entire shift is one from Fear to Love.

Its not really a different Earth but a different Density and the Beauty of this birth of Humanity into Christ Consciousness is totally beyond words. It truly represents the end of timeas you know it to be & human history shall be less than a feeble memory, as little as a butterfly remembers it's Caterpillar stage.

If all of Humanity would release judgment now which is a balance of polarities, you would be in Christ Consciousness within 3 days, The union of Starlight & Matter, Matter of Spirit & Seperated selves can only occur via a bridge of True Perception, which in essence is the surrender of judgement, therefore the release of all fear.

The grandest change of all is the shift from Humanities terribly limted awareness to a superior consciousness, therefore Super-consciousness- the God consciousness, to the bliss of Oneness with the Creator. The long awaited Golden Age-the age of God. Beyond this there are no words. There is so much happening at this time, I will keep inspiring you all to look to the Light and shine your LIGHT for every corner of darknes will become Light. Bless you all who have chosen such a wonderous time to be here, courageous Light Beings,


Written and received from Isis via Rosalie Muir, 30th August 2011

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