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Monday, 19 September, 2011  

It's hard to believe that it's September and we are entering a new energetic phase as we approach the end of 2011. Since the in March we've experienced so many changes and have endured big downloads, high solar activity, record heat and rain, floods, earthquakes – all while we approach the (which actually ends on October 28, 2011) and 2012, a time many think heralds the end of the world (it doesn't). The Equinox is the earth's reminder that balance is part of the natural cycles of life and it's time to integrate our growth and align ourselves with what we have learned.

The Equinox happens twice a year and is the day where light and dark are balanced. After that, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, we will have increasingly shorter days as winter approaches, calling us to go within and re-assess, re-align, re-consider, re-view and rest. The Equinox is about balance and alignment, taking time to integrate what we have learned before we move on to new things. If we do that we are more prepared for the next phase of our life but how do we answer the call for balance when everything around us is changing and while we may want to be balanced but that requires a stable, fixed center point.

As I write this I'm envisioning a cartoon drawing I once saw, of a circus elephant juggling balls with its trunk while balancing on one leg on a little ball. That is what this period feels like to me because our center, that which we know as truth, has been progressively shrinking as we have had to release so much from our lives. But what we will end up with is the only truth we need to know, the truth which allows to find balance in our being, to find peace, love and joy in ourselves and then in our life. This is our I AM presence, the light within, the only place of true balance and the center of our being.

The days are getting shorter, time is moving faster, our transformation is calling to us and we have no choice but to answer now. The distractions are gone, the truth has been revealed and it's now time to find our truth, find our I AM presence, so we can live a life that is joy-ful. This is our purpose, to live in joy and everything that stands in the way of that is an energy we will clear. We can be grateful to the earth for reminding us, in our busy and self-focused lives, that it is the Self that matters and all of our pain, fear and doubt are part of our imbalance that we will resolve when we use the time we are given to find balance in our being so we can live the life we are here to live, which is the life that reflects our heaven on earth.

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