17 September 2011

: El

Dearest ones, I come to you now, through this crystal child, who is now moving into rainbow consciousness, in Love, and kindness, to offer you a message, free from the limitations of perceived thought, and directed at completion, and I will say it again, completion, and I will say it a third time, completion, you are complete, whole, loved, beautiful, brave, kind, happy, joyful, kind, beautiful, loving, free, happy, integrated, released, and loved.
In perfect Love, humbleness, and respect, with peace, and serenity, I offer you a perspective, in the now, in accordance with Divine Universal Focus and Clarity, that if you might choose, with Love, you can move onto this perspective to a of Higher Awareness, to do so, and enter this Higher Awareness, I offer you, with humble Love, this plan and process:

1. Forgive all those whom you view as harmful or negative, forgive them now, and release this .
2. Accept this current existence as it is, let go of control, and release yourself from attachment to it.
3. Love, enter a of Unconditional Love for All, where none are judged, or condemned, but all are Complete, with humbleness, joy, and perfect serenity.
4. Meditate, Meditate, Mediate, stay in the stillness, and focus on your third eye, and do not project, but simply, allow yourself to travel where you will go, for each state you travel to, are, in my humble perspective, simply past things that are here to be released now, let them go, they are not real, they are only memories.
5. You are now, in this space, no longer in the previous dimension, do not strive to get to another dimension, you are in it. Accept this as reality, and move forward in Love.
6. Concentrate on aligning with all your chakras, and focus, with intend, sending , from your chakras directly into your , once that rainbow enters your heart, imagine that rainbow , pulsing, like , throughout your , and into every nerve fiber within you, this is connection.
7. Observe, do not force, but become Loving Observers, imagine as if, in this sense, you were not part of this "game", but you were outside, watching someone else, play this game. And from that perspective, you think, "Hmmm…I could have had check-mate (for you chess players) in a lot less turns." From the observers perspective, not part of the experience, but observing outside of the experience, you see things as they are. For you are not part of the old, but now present, observers, in the new.
8. Embrace change, if you have thoughts, or ideas, coming to you now, of how you might like to change your life, change it, do not, express, doubt, fear, or frailty, in making the decisions of your heart, express them with Love.
9. Enter God-Source, go directly to the Source, channel the Source, connect to the Source in all things, for from that well-spring of Source energy, all are created uniquely equal in their uniqueness.
10. Crystalize yourself, rainbowtize yourself, be a crystal channel for rainbow energy, be a crystaline energy center not just in one area, but in all areas, imagine yourself as a pure crystaline being filled with infinite light, light that has no limit, no end, and no sense of definition, imagine not, that you have an aura, but that all is your aura, reaching out infinitely, everywhere, and at all times, you are bigger than the Universe, you are bigger than Creation, you are connected, to Source itself, this is my humble experience.
11. Do not dramatize, re-creationalize, if you find yourself emmersed in the drama, put on a play! Make whatever situation you are experiencing as negative, a comedy, make it seem funny, step outside of yourself, use dolls, or other funny characters, but see the situation through the eyes of comedy, and it will lighten your heart.
12. Go beyond the body, let go of attachment to body and just go, go where your heart takes you, soar wherever you imagination dreams, put no limits on your creation, only create, in the expression, of Divine Love, unlimited, eternal, and free.
13. And when you have reached the point of Light, just be, be the Light, and express it at all times, and do not look back, for the back, will be but a memory!
14. Realize, that you already realize, know that you already know, and from this space, be.
15. Do not fear the illusion, use the illusion! If you find yourself stuck in fear, make fear into something else, like for instance, fear could be Great Goddess Fear, here to save the day, just in the nick of time, Goddess Fear loves you unconditionally, and so sometimes, helps you step back, and use Faery Caution, and the Faery of Caution, is always just there in the nick of time, to greet you when your about to step on a tack. Something similar to this.
16. Be the change you wish to see in the world, start community projects, make a garden, create a political party, feed the plants, whatever it is you were waiting to do, do it now!
17. Love yourself, unconditionally, as much as you Love others unconditionally.
18. Don't take yourself so seriously, The Universe doesn't, trust me! If it did, you wouldn't be talking to a pleiadian from another time space dimension through a human body in another time dimension on the internet talking to people in other countries! Now THAT is funny!
19. Realize, that, in all moments, and all experiences, you are Loved, without condition, without judgement, and without fear, and that you are, in effect, Love expressed in Form.
20. Exist in the spaces that you choose to exist, not in the space that you must exist. That is a vast, in my experience, difference.
21. Do not search for Truth, become Truth, for you are Truth, and it is you.

I hope, in Love, kindness, and humility, with compassion and joy, that this has helped you today, and has brought you, happiness, as I understand it. I am grateful, in Love, to be present in this experience.

Your Pleiadian friend,