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Waiting can seem interminable if what you are waiting for is intensely desired, and yet time itself is but a further within the illusion that you experience as reality. And, due to this , waiting does seem interminable, even though you have been confined within the illusion only momentarily. This is a very good reason to be happy! For the illusion is but a momentary excursion into an unreal state of existence from which you will withdraw, instantly, and forever.

Rejoice! Know that you are eternally present in the Presence of our Father, One with Him, and with each other. You have neither needs nor desires, because in Reality – your permanent and eternal – you have everything, given to you at the moment of your creation by your infinitely loving Father. Pain, suffering, scarcity, and privation are but insane dreams of a condition that does not and could not exist. Rejoice! Focus on your deep inner knowing that you are, in every moment, One with God, and let the dreams of any other state fade away as you remove your attention from them. Your convincing experience of their existence is completely dependent on the intensity of the attention that you focus on them.

God desires only your complete and infinite happiness, and so He will share your abundant when you choose to dispel your and join actively with Him once more. It is up to you to choose to dispel those dreams because you chose to construct and experience them, and He will never override your choices, even though He knows they cause you pain. He gave you His power and His glory when He created you, and the freedom to use those gifts as you chose, because of His for you. However, you are One with Him in His , which is All That Exists. There is nothing else outside of it because there is no outside, and it is limitless. Within Reality there is only Love, and infinite numbers of aspects of It – such as joy, ecstasy, and exhilaration. Pain, grief, privation, hate, anger, and betrayal are incompatible with Love, completely unreal, and do not exist. Your apparent experience of them is totally illusory. You are eternally safe and secure because you are enveloped in the Love that is your Father, making you an inseparable part of Him.

Your unreal experiences, in which it seems your illusion enfolds you, are coming to an end, because you have finally chosen to and dispel them. It seems that some are still clinging tenaciously to them, seeking justice and joy for themselves, and pain and punishment for those they perceive to be their enemies. However, their grip on the illusion is slipping as their determination to demand those “rights” weakens, and the flame of divine Love within them brightens, beckoning them Home. When they release themselves from their attachment to those crazy demands, as they will, the illusion will be gone along with all the misery and suffering it contained.

If a few still choose not to release their hold on it, they will find themselves in an environment that will allow them to continue their dreaming, uninterrupted by the glorious celebrations that will accompany your awakening, until they too are ready to choose to awaken. And they will awaken because all will awaken, and when the stragglers, the latecomers, the sleepy-heads choose to do so, they will, like you, be gloriously welcomed Home, and experience the total ecstasy that that entails.

Your loving brother, .