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Good morning . Here is a question from a reader: “I have a question. I hope that I am on my path to , I choose love and work on it not to judge and to live only from my heart and to spread my light if it is to be seen. I don&;t know if I can make it. But this is not so important. I don&;t fear nearly anything because I know that I am divinely protected. I know for sure. But I have responsibility to my children and my pets. My sons are 19, 17 and 15. They had a hard childhood due to the divorce of their parents. It is my fault to not prepare them for what is to come, I myself made a leap in my evolution during the last year this is not long. Do my children and pets have the chance to ascend with me, if I have the chance to do it? I love them and I don&;t want them to leave them here without me. I don&;t know if they are able to live their life alone and they don&;t want to live with the father and his new family. “
SaLuSa: Good day dear friends. Please let me remind you that Ascension is a certainty for and for all those who chose to follow in the higher realms. All this is due to a deep fear regarding Ascension and also the sequence of events before it. As your societies are rapidly changing, it is legitimate for the collective to experience apprehensions and anxieties. We understand ’s changes, the eco-political instability are also greatly contributing to the present of confusion and questioning for all of you.

This is a normal part of the process dear ones. It involves getting rid of the unnecessary; of false beliefs. We have for a long time encouraged you to question all and everybody. This goes for your own beliefs, your own attitudes and accepted received ideas. What is ahead of you all now is getting rid of all which is not true, all that is no longer required. This set of false ideas were needed in order to maintain a sense of stability in duality dear ones. As you are nearing Ascension, all that is not needed in the higher planes, will simply be left behind. This is true for your outer world, but also for your inner world dear ones.

There is much talk about Ascension. People are interested in Ascension, but there are also so many theories about it, that this has come to create a great deal of confusion and anxiety. There also seems to be division between those who believe they are worthy of Ascension and those who doubt Ascension is for them. Under these circumstances, we would recommend not to focus too much on the intellectual aspect of Ascension, but rather to feel what it means with your intuition and your heart. Dear friends, you all have memories buried in your subconscious memory of your life in the higher dimensions, when you were fully ascended beings. Turn inwards for all questions related to Ascension. Trust in yourself and have faith that your higher self, your guides and protectors will give you the answers you seek.

We are here to encourage you to develop your own of Ascension and the Golden Age. We are also here to encourage you to develop your own centre of gravity, your own sense of discernment. We are not here to give you all the answers that concern you, because this process of and developing yourselves is the most important part for Ascension. We encourage you to develop your own weight, so to speak. Please let go of focusing on creating division between your opinions, divisions within your groups, family and friends, and also division within your own being.

When you are living from your head, you are choosing to live in a part that is limiting for your consciousness. Your intellectual head and understanding are different from what raising your level of consciousness means. So many lightworkers fail to see this time again and again. Some believe that reading books and articles contributes to their own Ascension process and to the Ascension of others. In actual fact, just because somebody, including young children, animals or any life form, doesn’t read about it or is intellectually unaware of Ascension, does not mean that this person or life form will not ascend. Ascension means moving into a higher state of awareness, of consciousness. So animals and plants will also move up on the ladder of Ascension, along with Mother .

In actual fact those who are not intellectually engaged in reading all day about Ascension are far more likely to get results before those who worry all day about it and are stuck in their intellectual centre. Living from the head, while being somewhat cut off from what is going on inside of you and around you is not what is needed at this time. This will only lead to further division and fear. What is needed now is inner unity and awakening. The time is now.

The fact of not reading articles and messages about Ascension does not mean that one is unaware of it, dear friends. Every individual’s subconscious is very aware of the coming changes. Ascension only requires your vibrations to resonate with love. This is all that is required dear friends. It is a very direct and simple process. Children are very much in line with the love vibrations, so are animals and plant life. So there is no need whatsoever to feel anxiety about Ascension dear ones.

As ascended beings your powers will be limitless dear friends. Mother Earth is looking forward to the coming Golden Age and is happy to see the waking process humanity is experiencing now. You are here to assist her in her Ascension and also to assist those around you, by just your very presence here and now. As the energies and magnetic changes will accentuate in the coming future, everybody’s faith will be put into question. We recommend you to remain anchored in your reality in order to be present, so that you can help others by just being here and now. Your body is real dear ones, so anchor your attention inside of it, experience your weight on Mother Earth, experience the wind on your face, experience your body’s aches and pains.

Experience your own fears and doubts without placing any judgement on what is seen. Experience your own fear of failure, for seeing all going on inside of you will liberate you from the walls you have erected in your mind. This is part process of shading the unnecessary or rather transforming it. You need not be afraid of it, as you will come out a lot purer and stronger from it. These energies directed towards all life on Mother Earth are cleansing and transmuting. They are contributing to your Unification from the inside out. You will experience Oness within you first, and progressively this will lead you Oness as a human race on Earth. This in turn will bring about the Oness with your space family and much joy is on the way dear friends.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I encourage you to turn towards your inner world as much as you turn towards your outer world dear souls. Inner peace, balance and harmony will be perceived by all those around you, including Mother Earth. When you are in your heart, in the present moment, in the here and now, your vibrations are lifting all and everybody up.

Thank you



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