14 September 2011



~**~ What else do we really need, dear friends, but the very that we are given in each ? I am not going to share any Buddha Quotes or excerpts from favourite books. Even if our lives have not exactly gone to our plan, it doesn't matter. Whatever situation you find yourself in is a good place to learn something………….about yourself and life itself ! We chose to come into this world, and even if you can't remember why now, there are many experiences that can awaken us to our true selves in any given .

~**~ The pain, the happy and sad times, the down and the up times are all part of this life and we can't do a thing about it. That is part of the human experience. Nature and the animals all have their experiences as well, all part of this plan, but a human life is precious. It is in a human form that we can experience the spiritual awakenings, bit by bit, through innumerable incarnations until we have reached our spiritual within. Back to our Godself. What can be better than that?

~**~ At no other has anyone experienced the physical and that we are going through now. Mother and all life forms upon her are ascending. There may have been many forecasts in the past about how it will happen and who will be involved. But no one could predict accurately because it is being created in each moment that unfolds. As you live your daily lives, you are experiencing ascension on some level. It is an ongoing process and does not halt
for anyone or anything. It is Divine Order.

~**~ Fundamental spirituality does not go away. The life of loving, caring, helping those in need who are in life-threatening circumstances or severe lack, love, compassion………living a life not just for ourselves but as a member of the community of Earth. Responsible living. Living Love and spreading Love. No complicated Teachings are needed, the path is set and the action is in our everyday lives. Whatever spiritual practices we choose to assist us to feel at peace and connect with our inner-selves, our sacred-self, is a personal . Either meditation at home or communing with nature, or even as a group. That is Life. Our personal . No doctrines, no history, just Now, right here where we are. Keeping the mind uncluttered ! ~**~ Namaste ~ Love ~ Tara ~

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