28 September 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

Schedule more quiet time, that seems to be a mantra of Ours. The reason is simple, just as you tend to fill every inch of physical space with possessions, you have a tendency to cram more activities in your day than your 24- cycle allows.

Adults lead a hectic life. So do children. So much so that their activities outside the home or school/daycare often look a lot like . Regimented time. Structured time. So they are prepared for life… Really?

Make it a habit to spend some time during the week by candlelight. Whether you share your abode with a partner – with or without children – or live by yourself, turn off the TV, the radio, … light up a few candles (or oil lamps) and shut off all the lights.

Have a chat. Tell stories. Be silent. Enjoy a meal or a snack. Meditate. instruments. cards. Sit back and relax. Be bored. No matter what you choose to do, take a moment to enjoy the warming glow of the living light.

If you need to move around, carry a flashlight or a candle with you, like in the days before .

You see, the of your life naturally slows down when you live by candlelight, even if only for fleeting moments here and there.

Mind you, some of you may find this quite painful – unnatural – at first, for you may feel the need to keep things moving, to keep up the speed, because you are so used to doing. The quietness of sound and the flickering light makes your uncomfortable.

Just sit with the feeling. The uneasiness will eventually disappear if you simply acknowledge it without holding on to it. If you are doing this activity with children and they too feel tense or awkward, let them know it is OK, that you feel it too because you are not used to it either.

That is one of the great things about being quiet (by candlelight is preferred, but not mandatory), you get to feel all the things you push aside or repress during the day because you have to get things done. Quite often Earthlings, you are too busy to actually truly feel anything, so you forget what that is truly like.

The unrealistic demands at work (and at school/university sometimes), the financial pressures, the longing to do certain things differently or enjoy the things you love, but have little time for, the desire to change that feels right to you, but sometimes go against "what you have learned"…

And all the unpleasant feelings can vaporize, and peace settle in, even if you are sitting at the table with your spouse and children playing a game of "go fish!" with your children, not really thinking about the emotions your are experiencing.

So many things get sorted out by themselves if you give them a chance to do their thing.

It is true that "being" comes easier for some. Still, all benefit from learning to be.

Taking some time in your day or week to do nothing, relax, be quiet, catch up with the people you love who live with you in a peaceful, slow-paced and dim-lighted setting actually helps you to be more productive when it is time for you to do whatever it is you need to do.

Your spirit, your mind, your senses need time off. Time to rest when you are wide awake. It is a great sleep enhancer too, in general, and especially an hour or so before you actually retire to bed.

You have a lot to learn from some of the practices of the past and not-so-distant past. It is possible to fully live in your present with all its realities and pressures while enjoying elements from the past. There is no need to deny current circumstances or relinquish possessions, jobs, relationships, but simply do some things differently, so you can do more than simply survive, you can actually thrive.

Just be more gentle towards yourself, towards others and in everything that you do.

All We are asking is to give yourself a break…

So light up a candle… It does a spirit good!

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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