A Message from the
Channeled by:
8 September 2011

Welcome, my beautiful and , welcome! My is overflowing with love as I gather my thoughts to today’s discussion. It is I, the Creator, known as God to some or the Source to others.

I see many tired children across the world, and I do not mean the young ones, I mean beings like you, the adults. Your journey does not only include working within the Light, or becoming one with the Light, or finding your true and learning to love selflessly, unconditionally. Your journey includes being a parent, regardless if you are a single parent, your journey includes being an income provider, being a student, if you have children; you are also their first teacher, you guide, you support, you listen, you give quite a lot of yourself every day. Some of what you give goes unnoticed because you have been giving for so long. Recognize yourself a giving being. A being that gives without the need of receiving in . That also is what true love, unconditional love is all about, loving purely for the sake of loving without expecting anything in .

What a concept! What a way to think and to be! To live within your Christ-self is a most rewarding way to live. Oh yes, children living so purely does pose a risk of others taking advantage of your goodness, of your decency, but in the long run, you will gain much respect, and admiration from those close to you. To be known for being a gentile, loving being who truly loves all beings regardless of ethnic origin, race, colour, creed, or what other categories there are for people to be placed in; is a wonderful way to live and to be.

I already know, not all my lovely children fit the description I have just described. What I described is what some people are trying to aspire to, and some truly already are. What I do know from what I do see everyday is that everyone of you are learning to see other beings as equal, and as worthy of respect. I do see many learning to let go of old ways and adopting newer and more harmonious way of thinking. In your own way, you are adopting and recreating yourself to be more gentle, to be more loving and more open to receive love. You are simply becoming. What are you becoming you may ask? You are becoming your real-self. Your real-self is not determined by the clothes you wear, or the perfectly applied make-up. Your real-self is what is left after all the uncovering you have done from removing past events that have been draining of your . Your real-self is the true beauty that I see.

There is still much more room for growth for all of you as you are learning. Keep on living through your heart and living honestly dearest children. Continue to work at discontinuing discriminations, judgments, and assumptions on others. It is a tough road, I have seen your struggles and I have seen your successes. Don’t give up on loving unconditionally from your heart and sharing that love with others. It is a rewarding and healing way to live.

While you continue to live purely and with love, remember to take time to rest and allow yourself some downtime. Take time to work on your inner balance, maintaining both male and female energies in perfect harmony and balance. It is okay to take rest from your studying and learning on this path. After allowing yourself the much needed rest your body is asking for, you will notice a more invigorating you. Learn to release heavy, low frequency energies as often as you feel them. The more people you interact with, even through the world wide web, the more you are able to absorb their energies. Learn to remove the negative energies as they come, before they build and bring down your own high range energy. Reach for your guides to help you clear away that is weighing you down, they are able to assist you. Your spirit is one of Light and is meant to be that way – Light.

A wonderful day it was coming through this child of Light to speak to all my Light children and to shower you with my endless love and . Go in peace, find the joy and happiness that is yours.

The Creator