Sep 25

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Dear friends, we are merging with the Heavenly and of Living, and this is becoming apparent when we stop and take a look around us. I’m sure I am not the only one who has lately looked around and noticed a certain, hard to define similarity between this world we Live in and the dream world that we have been taught to believe is ‘fake’. This is a result of the merging of realities, of the veils thinning. For many, has become much easier as we all begin to feel and notice a new reality that is more and more seeming to exist side-by-side with our own. This astral reality is the foundation that our New Earth is being built upon. Many dear and advanced souls have been working on these planes that are soon to be our Homes, and they have been transmuting the negative and strange nature of such places so we can begin to manifest Heaven upon the planes where our dreams teach us lessons.

Friends, there is much more going on here than meets the eye. This whole thing is about much, much more than extraterrestrials coming to Earth and giving us some technology. These current times we are in were predicted in what we would call ‘ancient’ times, and if you read those predictions it would seem that everything is on track. Let me give a brief overview of our ‘history’ on this world. Earth started out already in Her fifth dimensional Golden Age, but slowly the lower actions of those on Her surface caused her body to fall down to the third. There were times when it seemed as if those on Gaia’s surface might make it back to fifth density, but many of those cycles ended in destruction rather than evolution. If you have read ’s Source Field Investigations, you will know a bit about what I am talking about here.

David Wilcock very cleverly points out that many of our religious texts describe Earth already existing in a Golden Age, and Eden of sorts, only to find Herself being taken down to lower planes of Living as a result of the actions of those on Her surface. Referring to the christian versions of this story, obviously two people eating fruit didn’t cause the Earth to fall into the third dimension, I think that was rather referring to the deceitful nature of man causing Earth to fall lower in dimensional nature. It is also cleverly pointed out that after the metaphorical ‘destruction’ of Earth at the end of the last cycles (or the end of the texts) most people still seem to be here and those people welcome a Golden Age. Even if you don’t believe in religion, this stuff is beginning to be proven by concrete science. Our Ascension is real people!! :)

The most important thing to ‘prepare’ for our already in progress ascension is to simply let go. Let go of all of our old desires and wants that are based in materiality or that will keep us grounded in 3D. This can be easier said than done, but once we release all resistance to the Divine and let our Guides help us march onward to our Heavenly Home, we will find ourselves more advanced and overall, more happy. It is time to let the Divine in to every part of our Lives, so those parts of us still grounded in illusion can begin to be transmuted. Above all else, it is important to take care of yourself. Show yourself that you Love yourself, show yourself that you truly care. As I type this I am all wrapped up in a comfy blanket, and the astral me is peacefully relaxing at my favorite lake. It is so beautiful at this lake today. Not a cloud in the sky, the air is cool and inviting and the water is floating by so peacefully. The grass is the most beautiful of green, and the Divine uplifting energies are swirling up my chakras to my third eye as they change my dense body structure to crystalline. Much Love everybody, remember in these turbulent times to relax. Become the calm in the center of the storm, and show yourself Love while showing others Love. :)