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Sunday, 4 September, 2011  (posted 5 September, 2011)

Message from Masters and Telos Masters, accompanied by and .

The Energies of September will orient you to greater tones of liberation.  Pitches, if you will.  Meaning that frequencies that reflect expansive freedom and capacity will be more readily available to more and more of you.  As you have access to these vibrations which carry the quality of permission and allowing, you will find yourself increasingly drawn toward greater leniency toward your heart&;s desires, more gentleness toward your body&;s call and more availability to your inner being.

These qualities within you exist in refined ways and are merely awaiting your focus to come into a more conscious and balanced state of existence within your awareness.  For many of you, within your awareness are great battles within the self when it comes to allowing yourself to do what you deeply, truly wish and want–moment to moment and in terms of creating your dreams.

There has been ample “brainwashing” if you will by the reiteration and amplification of cultural beliefs which are in effect repeating to you over and over that there are limits.  All of this has been internalized by you throughout your lifetime and most people still retain elements of limitation in their thinking and feelings about their lives and with age, and the continued allowing of these thought-patterns to persist and be (thereby deepening the neural nets that carry you through the experience of these patterns), and therefore there will be enormous cleansing and dumping of these energetic frameworks during the month of September.

This will be experienced quite intensely for those in whom these structures are most firmly entrenched—in fact, it will be difficult NOT to cling to these old patterns as you may discover they are SO deeply a part of how you know life (at least in your remembered awareness of it right now).

In order to assist yourself in these days it will be critical that you employ gentleness and humor.  Gentleness and humor, and humor extended even most beautifully into sillyness, are great dissolvers of emotional pain and highly supportive of energetic cleansing.  Laughter itself, particularly sustained laughter or giggling, is one of the most powerful transformative configurations of focus and you have at your disposal to support your awakening.  So watch movies and play with dogs and children, allow yourself to begin reading the comics again and look for the irony in each day.  Paying attention and allowing yourself to be amused by life would be a powerful way to approach this important time of preparation, clearing and the coming alignment of the Equinox.  For in this divine joy, you will find alignment quicker and with greater ease.

What is happening on the planet?

The old paradigm energies are being revealed in profound ways.  This is about the veil being lifted in all kinds of ways as more and more of you see and understand in far more real ways, the effect of collective beliefs of fear, lack and disempowerment upon your culture, your civilization, your planet and the and structures through which life force flows and is transmitted.

Those of you who embody light and coherence—a vibrational arrangement established through clarity and a peaceful heart—are gradually weakening the existing frameworks of distortion and the energetic pathways which exist as global and geographic-specific versions of earthly neural nets: configurations of which distort information and light, circulate fear and amplify limiting energy thought-forms.  Gaia herself is enormously involved in loosening these energetic pathways that are responsible for the limiting mindsets and highly patterned/habitual/not-free behavior and thinking of so many.  These congested areas of energy function much like congested areas within the body; they impede well-being and life.

Realize that in major geographic centers and areas where power struggles exist in the world that these energetic frameworks are like scar tissue; resistant to being broken up and highly resistant to ultimately being cleared.  The level of healing required to re-instate the frequency of love and the coherence of harmony and balance, is substantial.

Many of you are feeling the effect of the relentlessness of light upon these rigid structures.  Light, and water—are both powerful transformers and astonishingly impactful in their pervasive persistence.  {Smile}

Each of you is perfectly situated at this time to play your part.  Although there is still some movement taking place for those of you who have been called to a new location over the summer, most of you are settling in for the enormous alignments of this coming season of awakening and as such you are indeed in a period of rest, allowing and preparation, as others have written and spoken of.

We wish to go further into particular aspects of this unique to our fields of understanding and in so doing, add our part to the picture of what is happening on at this time.

The corridors of light that exist between the master planes and the planet have increased.  You now are surrounded by an increased number of beings with high frequency focus and commitment to the divine plan who have been able to come forth and participate as the vibration of the planet rose to such a degree that more transparency between these aspects of existence is now vibrationally compatible.

Preparation within many of you, who retain knowledge from ancient wisdom cultures and star and angelic families, is underway.  Many of you carry within you the literal energetic frameworks to re-instate knowledge from these communities in which you have created and cultivated certain technologies and ways of being.  These are the books within the Living Library that have been prophesized in times past and the ignition of the codes that connect your conscious mental infrastructure to these energetic structures of knowledge within your DNA and Lightbody are beginning to fire. 

The ignition of these codes is taking place as the of Gaia receives greater qualities of life-force.  The liberation of suffering—the historic traumas that have taken place upon the planet—from within the of Gaia is in process.  This cleansing returns the energy freed from these patterns and structures to pure creative potential, and the increased coherence and balance within the system of Gaia’s Lightbody allows for greater life-source, manna to flow into the collective Earth experience.

As Gaia’s soul expands in capacity, so too, does yours; for you are intrinsically linked the way the cells in various organs of your body are linked—you comprise a greater wholeness together.

The liberation of Gaia from this confining is creating waves of re-balancing and as she gains strength and life-force the acceleration of the cleansing is felt by those who are attuned to her process.  As the frequency rises the heat rises within as she burns off energy and there is significant seismic activity and active volcanoes have become more active. 

Gaia, like humans, animals, plants, minerals and ultimately the God-Source, is indeed a benevolent soul.  The intention of all this is to emancipate the entire wholeness you are as a larger collective planetary system, into a higher frequency band within the galaxy.  This spiraling upward, part of a cosmic shift across the Omni-verse and affecting far more than simply the Earth plane of experience.

Realize that your benevolence flows forth from Gaia and your attunement to the changes does as well.  You are being led and guided from within the more expansive physical organism of which you are a part and the larger Lightbody in which you are part of the Soul of Gaia.  Realize the enormity and the microcosm this implies.

You are essential and function in particular and vital ways.  Each of you is innately wise and soul-driven at the level of individual focus and also attuned and harmonized by your inner impulses to the greater collective.

You can tune into all of the momentum of each moment without ritual, without religion, without fuss and without esoteric knowledge: it is entirely natural.

Choose what gives you relief.  Peace.  Joy.  Eases things up.  Feels good.   

Make YOUR aspect of this living organism function well!

It is not complicated, so resist the desire to make it so.  This creates confusion and a sense that power comes from complicated process and rituals; it does not.  You are power embodied.  It is simple truth and the impedance of this arises from within the framework you create for your energy.  Consider this and you will find your way to anything you wish to know, create and experience.

Light comes forth from the Source of All Being, the Infinite God Particle is within each of you and is amplified by your knowing of this.  Your awareness of this magnetizes greater and greater capacity to you in the form of your choosing.  All things are possible.  Choose more often and create more frequently with the awareness that you are in constant command of resources that you cannot even comprehend…yet.  {Smile}

The coming month will prepare you for the continuing waves of the ultimate liberation, and the continual increase of light into your experience.

These transformative energies are essential to your own healing and uplift-ment.  They are amplifying, energizing, cleansing, clarifying and allowing the nourishment of your larger organism—the planetary organism of which all of you are a part.  Participate with joy, knowing and confidence.

Realize the information you personally need is found within you.  Do not be taken in by fear or anxiety outside of yourself.  Realize that fear or anxiety within yourself is a pattern of illusion to be released; watch calmly and with interest as this continually diminishes within you.  It is your patient attentiveness which will remove these energetic experiences from your energy system.  Very simple.

You are powerful beyond measure and awakening to this.  Many of you are glimpsing long saved up dreams that are beginning to show themselves again.  Fortunate that you are not able to entirely banish them, isn’t it?  For you are growing in your ability to allow yourself the freedom and confidence to choose what you deeply want.

It is in your blissful joy, that you become a citizen of the New Earth.  From this state of being you are capable of creating the culture and civilization you desire.  You must find this state of being within yourself.  It is the home that calls to your from within.  It is your most cherished memory.  You and all beings continue to be drawn toward a re-instatement of innocence, trust, openness–all reflections of LOVE.  Your Joseph Campbell gave perfect guidance when he said, “Follow Your Bliss.”

The awakening of the Omni-verse is happening within you… Infinite springs of manna are flowing into the planet from the Utopian worlds of peace, transmitted by the Masters of these planes, activating and being anchored by those of you who have lived within these cultures and carry within your DNA, this lineage.  Experiences within Utopian cultures call you forth with innate wisdom for re-instating the time of peace. 

For all upon the planet: these vibrations of elation and bliss are increasingly available to you. 

Engage yourself and focus: Dream the Utopian World Dream.

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